Single coating german life long painting  product


     Painting is applying paint to a solid surface. It is commonly applied to the base with a brush. The support for painting surfaces are walls, wood, canvas,paper, glass ,pottery, leaf ,copper ,concrete etc. The Incorporated materials for painting are clay, plaster ,gold leaf, sand etc. Painting is an important form in visual art.painting helps seal out moisture, reducing added weight that can put stress on homes structural integrity. It helps to repel dirt,dust ,allergies  and keep the home clean.

        Painting makes your home pretty.painting homes exterior or interior walls adding fresh coat to your can use high quality paint to get your walls clean and ready for next few should  adequately clean the walls to ensure proper adhesion.New coat of paint provide new layer of protection from moisture. Moisture can lead to mold and mildew growth and lead to extensive damage to your walls.

        Paints help seal out moisture, it reduces dirt,dust, moisture  and allergens from walls. Freshly painted walls increase curb appeal and value of your house.Paint your house can make your home look newer ,cleaner and attractive. You can choose the color of paint. Painting your home can provide aesthetic value to your home.New fresh coat of painting surely transforms the appearance of your house.

        Beautiful colour combination of the exterior of the house provides a glimpse of the viewer. Painting preserves interior and exterior surfaces through protective coat.Painting home slows down the wear and tear and protects walls from damaging weather effects. Nowadays quality interior and exterior painting surfaces are available in the market. Interior paints can be wiped off with damp cloth .

       Painting home is the simplest and least expensive way to increase overall value. New paint color can also modernize your home .Painting improves interior air quality. It reduces odours,promotes healthy, indoor air quality. Protect exterior surfaces for longer durability.It is the most important home maintenance project.It helps to reflect a high level of care .

       Painting holds aesthetic and functional advantages. It improves home qualities.we can see a single coat painting.  Doesn’t need a putty and primer.It is a very effective  painting. It is an exterior paint. It is made in Germany.It has ardex endura.we can use this product  instead of is not a paint. It has water proof quality. It is a high quality  and cost effective  product.

      First apply the first coat  of wpm 300 product. Then apply 2 coats of wpm310 .you will your favourite color with it. It is a 100% guaranteed product. Ardex, a German  company, joined with an Indian company. They should not compromise on quality. There is no  paint . It is 300 micron thick. It is an elongated product.  It maintains small cracks. You can apply emulsion above it. It is a 100% uv resistant product. 

      You can paint one time has a high economy. mix A,B and water. Mix well. It has elasticity.  It is a moisture barrier product. Do not need putty and white cement.we can use roll to paint it.It is cost effective  method. It is an elastic coating material. It is a WPM product.  You can select as a quantity base. It was 12.50/ square feet. You will get an economical price for this product.  It is WPM 265.It has Rs 6.50/ square feet. It is the first coating.  After 2 hours we can apply top coating. 

       Top coating  is WPM 310.It has elongation. You can use a normal designed  roller to apply it. You can select  different colors. It needs 2 coats. It should not not apply a putty exterior. Final coat is WPM 310 and has 28/ square feet. It is a very cost effective method. You can use this product. You will get texture work with it also. Different  designs are available in the market. You can order this product,  you will get it within 10 days. 

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