Simple exercises to get relief from  the headache

           Do you have headaches on continuous days? Do you use a lot of tablets for headaches? while taking the tablets may bring relief but this head ache can occur again.If at first the head ache came once a week, then it will occur every day.

             It may causes due to any strain,as soon as you wake up, if you travel a long distance. This is a common headache in most people.This headache is caused by the strain of the muscle in our neck.


  • problems with disc between the cervical bone and nerve  compressions. It may causes head ache, neck pain, pain in the shoulders and fingers, dizziness.It is called cervical fondolitis.numbness in the fingers  are also seen in this situation.
  • Swelling and strain  of the muscles that connect the skull  to the neck.The pain that starts in the back of the eye will radiate to the head. It is not included in the category of migrain.It may causes  head ache and vomiting.The pain is felt on the sides of the head.


  • Take enough medicines.
  • If the neck disk is complained,  the require treatment can be taken after MRI or X ray.
  • In the case of muscle problems, do the neck  exercises. 
  • Move the head back and hold for 3 seconds. Then bring the head forward and tap the chin on the chest bone.Hold for 3 seconds.Tilt your head to the right  and look back.Hold for 3 seconds.Tilt your head to the left and look back. Holder for 3 seconds. It will help the relaxation of muscles.
  • Gradually rotate the head slowly.
  • Tilt the head to one side.Again tilt the head to other side.Hold for 3 seconds.
  •  Bring the head forward and press the  forehead with the hand.Hold for 4 seconds.
  • Tilt the head to one side and press the cheek with the hand.
  • This exercises will help reduce headaches.

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