Scholarship payments arrived in students bank accounts

            Today we want to share with you about scholarships for students to ensure  all educational needs. Rs 10000 to Rs 20000 has now been deposited in students bank accounts. All scholarships offered by central and state governments and various private or foreign companies in the country. 

         An app called buddy for study combines such  scholarships and gives them to us. Scholarships are available for students who have applied in the year  2019- 20. The amount reaches the students bank account.

       The minimum base amount of the scholarship is Rs 10, 000. A student can get up to Rs 1, 00, 000. We do not need to renew this scholarship. We can submit a new application every year. Students applying must have an account in the’ Buddy for study ‘application. We receive scholarships based on our degree,  financial need, finances and marks. There are no other entrance exam for this.

           Rs 10, 000 will be credited to students bank accounts through the Sardar Patel scholarship,  popularly known as the central government scholarship. This Private scholarship was given by buddy for study educational foundation. 

              Thus Rs 10, 000 was given to students studying for first and second year degrees. Here are the results of the students who were finalized after the  telephonic interview and the selection. We can check it out logging onto the scholarship site.

           The LIC HFL vidyadhan scholarship was called the scholarship for the year 2019-20. Scholarships were awarded in various streams to students studying from class 8 to plus two  as well as to students pursuing degree courses and PG courses.  

            200 to 300 students have been selected for each category in that Scholarship. If you have applied for this scholarship per you can check with your  date of birth and application ID to know your status.

           There was also a scholarship offered by Colgate. Scholarships were given to students who excelled in sports who are currently studying for a degree. Similarly scholarships were given to students involved in the engineering stream.

          For students pursuing undergraduate and postgraduate courses as  non professionals had the opportunity to apply for the scholarship. The scholarship amount has reached the students bank account as a one-year benefit of over Rs 30, 000. 

        Scholarship amount no need to repay. In this  covit19 time, it will be one of the most useful for us. The highest number of selections came from the states of Tamilnadu and Telangana. Very few people from Kerala have applied for this scholarships. 

         The Rolls-Royce higher scholarship which  invited applications in April, was a scholarship of up to Rs  35, 000. This scholarships were awarded to first, second and third year students in the field of Engineering. 

                      Students from Kerala have also been selected for this scholarship. There are  scholarships upto Rs 70, 000.You can apply for this scholarships this year. If you have applied to any scholarship you can check your status.

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