Scams in petrol pumps 

          The most common kind of scam in most petrol pumps across the country. The only way to avoid this scam is that by being attentive and making sure you are not tricked.

It’s better to pay for fuel using a debit or credit card instead of cash.

         A little bit awareness can help save you from petrol pump frauds. 

  • Various reasons that can raise a doubt in your mind about the quality of petrol. Lower mileage or engine problems are generally blamed on bad quality of petrol. As per consumer Protection Act,  each petrol pump should stoke filter paper. By using filter paper, you can easily check petrol quality. Put a few drops of petrol on the paper, if the petrol is pure, it will evaporate without stain. If the  petrol is adulterated, it will leave some stains on paper.
  •  Short feeling tricks

       If you have asked fuel for worth  Rs 1500, the attendant at petrol pump will re-fuel your vehicle for lesser amount and stop at say Rs 500. After you point out his mistake and ask for petrol Rs 1000 more, he pretends to reset machine. But won’t do it. He will resume  from Rs 500 and again stop at Rs 1000. You have got fuel worth Rs 1000 for Rs 1500. You must ensure zero on the machine before delivery.

  •  Certain petrol pumps using dispensing tricks to short  fuel the vehicle, by 100 ml/ 150 ml. Tampering with the dispensing nozzle and machine. It’s difficult to identify. Ask for 5 litre quantity  test.If the measure is not filled up fully, it means the petrol pump is not giving right quantity to customers.
  • Lesser fuel due to malicious electronic chip. It  automatic dispense fuel lower than what is displayed. When hitting petrol, avoid the round numbers like 100, 200, 500, 1000.And use 105, 210, 1005 etc.

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