Samagra mobile application – kerala government service web portal – how to use 


      In this time  in which we live ,digital services has taken over all areas.That is why all areas have become easier  for us. So our state government  launched  an application  called samagra under information  Kerala.  It covers all the services  of local bodies. Many people do not know about this application. Samagra is a mobile initiative  of the local self government department.  It provides the services of local governments. Firstly  it is available  on smartphones .We will get 25 services from this application. Samagra application  covers 60 municipalities,5 municipal corporations, 14 district panchayats, 152 block panchayats, and 978 grama panchayats.

Available  services  in samagra application 

  • File inward  tracking
  • Birth certificate 
  • Death certificate 
  • Marriage   certificate 
  • Building tax details 
  • Property  tax details
  •  Building permit application 
  • Welfare pensioners details 
  • Pension  details
  • Licences
  • Plan projectors
  • Elected representatives 

      Install samagra application  from playstore.Open the application .You can see 4 buttons like  online service, verification  service, government  order and LSGI login. You can select  online services.  You can select the services. You can check about birth registration  ,enter the date of birth,mother name . You can see all the information  about the birth registration.  You can see the death registration details  through  this application. Enter the date of birth and name. You can see all the details.  Select the local bodies Firstly. 

      You can download  the notification in PDF format.  The LSG login is provided  for work login related to the local self government  department. We will get alot of government  services through  this application. In file inward tracking, you can see inward file status and building  permit can see the status. 

        You can see the details  about property tax. You can search about plan projects. You will get all details about local government  institution can search details  about welfare pensions. Tender notifications are also available  here.We can see all new orders of the government  in PDF format.  

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