Rs 2 lakh  financial assistance for study room

           I would like to share with you today about a new financial aid. Of this,  about Rs 2 lakh is received as special benefit. An amount of 2 lakh is provided for the construction of a study room. SA study room with all the basic facilities should be constructed.

             The study room should be 120 square feet. Rs 2 lakh  is being provided for this purpose. Offices in 14 districts have invited applications. This benefit for children studying from 8th to  plus two.

           Scheme is being implemented in 14 districts of the state. The beneficiaries are scheduled caste families in our state. some areas of the scheduled tribes have been regulated and there is a system in place for all to study and communicate together in one community. 

       This benefit is available to those belonging to scheduled castes. This applications should be submitted in the respective scheduled caste development block. Applications are invited in various districts. The deadline for applications is August 30


  • Area of the existing house should be 800 square feet.
  • Annual income should not exceed Rs 1 lakh

           We can build the study room next to the house or upstairs. The area of the existing house should be 800 square feet. The roof should be made of concrete when building the study room. The flooring should be with the tile. Shelves for storing books should be constructed. Mast have a  table. 

            Must have basic facilities such as electricity,  fan. When the amount is given to us 15 % will be given in the first stage. The next installment will be 30 % of the amount. After that the remaining amount will come to our account as the next installment.

           Submit the application to the scheduled caste Development Office as soon as possible.

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