Rs 10,000 for Jan Dhan account holders

                  As far  as people with a  Jan Dhan account is concerned ,this is the period of greatest benefit. We get the biggest benefit of not advertisement through banks. This means that up to RS 10,000 will be available to the jan dhan bank account holders. It has a special interest. But we do not need to submit any specific documents. This is because of the overdrafting mechanism that is active for 6 months, which is available to the jan dhan  account holders.

           Previously it was Rs 5,000 but now it is Rs 10,000 . For those of us who are just now out-of-the-way, this benefit for the jan dhan account holder is very useful. If eligible, you may receive this amount manually. The jan dhan account was opened with the intention of having at least one bank account in the family of the central government . There are 53%  of women in our state who are currently benefit from it.This is because they have been getting Rs 500 each month for 3 months.

         Many new people want to join this Jan dhan account. The various benefits and subsidies of the central government are first come to this account. Moreover the person gets insurance coverage of up to Rs 30,000 . He gets up to Rs 1,00,000 as accident insurance. Thus  such incentives are also provided free of charge to those who are in jan dhan account. Taking a Jan dhan account is a very simple process.

       During this lockdown, you will not be able to create a new account ,but you will need to download and fill in  the application form downloaded by Akshaya Centres.


  • Application form 
  • Age proof certificate
  • Certificate of proof of address
  • Aadhar Card 
  • photo 

                 With these documents, you can get a Jan dhan account after approaching the nearest nationalised bank or Rural Bank. Since this is a zero balance account, there is no need to maintain a minimum balance in account. Similarly we can stream line transactions upto 4 transactions online. 


  •  It is available for people over 10 years of age.

                 If so, it will be opened as a joint account. The beneficiary also receives a  rupay debit card. So all the other services are available in this account. But in this account does not get a savings banks enough  flow. One thing we should now is that if we had six months of comfortable transactions on this account, then the overdraft we received Rs 5,000.

        It  has been lengthened and and is now about 10, 000. There are a lot of people in our community who are struggling in the time of this covid-19. The overdraft of the jan dhan account will be available to a family member. If you have a Jan Dhan account which is urgently needed ,if the account becomes active ,you can withdraw the amount by overdraft. In case of loans issued by the bank, we have to submit the related documents. This is a help that the bank can provide to our bank account without any associated  documents after we have asked for it. 

    It will have interest. The interest rate was 12% for Rs 5,000. It was issued as a short term loan. Now that assistance has been increased to Rs 10,000. As  for the jan Dhan account holder, he has a bank account for 6 months. Transactions are currently underway and he is active. Then you have the opportunity to ask for up to Rs 10,000 .Even if you have balance bank account, the beneficiary requests the amount, the bank must provide it. Please share this information to others. 

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