Rs 1000 assistance to BPL card holders 

       Today we bring to you one of the greatest benefits offered by our state government. For ration card holders, it was decided on the last day to grant  Rs 1000, if they are eligible. From May 4, which is now coordinating concerned officials have come to their homes and handed over the money. In the time of covid-19, currently being made available to the general public in our state with a wide range of benefits for those  livelihoods have ceased. 

        For the people who were not eligible for any of the benefits, announced by the government, if there ration card is priority ration card, it was decided to give them Rs 1,000 . The Chief Minister explained  the initiatives taken at the Press Conference. Most recently ,its implementation speeded things up and since may 14, the process for its distribution has begun and processing is now completed. The list of eligible beneficiaries, which we did not even know ,was collected from the data bank and now published. Whether you are eligible or not is as know simple as  possible. 

            There are about 87 lakh  ration card holders in our state. There are four types of cards in it.AAY,BPL ,APL ration cards. The 

APL card has two variants. Blue  cards are APL subsidy cards and white cards are APL non subsidy cards. BPL card holders get the benefits announced by the state government. There are around 31 lakh people including BPL card holders. The other thing is that is not everyone gets this amount .These are two criteria that our state government is currently planning to distribute this amount. People receiving social security pensions paid by the state government, if they have the  associated ration card will not get this benefit.

      In the time of covid-19,Rs 1000 were  distributed through welfare funds . There are a lot of welfare funds. Those who have applied for benefits, from the welfare fund as well as those who have received this benefit are not currently receiving this benefit . When it comes to this, the state government has to spend Rs 147 crore to reach the common man. Of the nearly 31 lakh BPL cardS, only 14.5 lakh people are on that list. As aadhar is  linked to ration card, the state government has no difficulty to finding pensioners using this Aadhar card.

      That is, the list of beneficiaries is currently prepared, the cooperative bank officers in our area will be responsible for distribution of such money. After filling the application forms, the amount will not be credited to the account. The amount will be direct payment .At that time, we need to submit our Aadhaar number and copy of bank account details in the relevant form. In the future, once any of these schemes are implemented, it is  the delivery for benefit of the common man. Now you may have an idea of who gets this Rs1000. Please share this information to others.

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