Roof cool – Importance, how to reduce temperature, advantages


     The temperature on the surface of the roof can be more than 50 degree fahrenheit heat. The heat absorbed by the roof raises temperatures inside the house. The remedy for all these problem has an idea. It lowtech ,low cost and easy to find. It is roof cool. It is designed to maintain lower surface temperature. It reflects more sunlight and releases more heat .one of the best way to keep the roof cool is growing your own rooftop garden with green grass .It helps the building  from direct sunlight while the mud within potted plants . It absorbs heat that hits the roof. The roof should be waterproofed.  It prevent water seepage through  external  walls,which may cause damage to the building. 

      Paint the concrete the floor with cool roof paints.It provides good thermal insulation by reflecting sun rays.Temperature can be controlled  by creating shade on the rooftop .you can use wooden tiles that do not absorb heat to the lower floors.These tiles work as an insulator prevents heat from entering  top floor.

       Usually paving roofing ceramic  tiles,applying tin sheets it is usually to feel high temperature inwards the room. We can use exhaust fans to reduce it.or else we can use air conditioners. Moreover, no further way haven’t been found yet.we can see a product that helps to maintain  the cooling atmosphere inside the room.It reduces the temperature also. 

Roof cool is the solution to maintain cooling atmospheric  in the room. It is in lijan Greenwich India private limited  institution, angamaly, ernakulam.Iti a kerala government institution. It started inside the Intel business  Parkside in the last 6 years. It has been a Dubai based company since last 16 years.They provide solutions  for climatisation,insulation.

       Mostly people used roofing sheets,ceramic tiles,and clay roofs.but the fact is that no ideal measures to reduce this temperature. So roof cool is the real solution for this problem. Basically this insulation  material  has two categories. One is the polythene foam based insulation termed XPE.And another one is bubble typed one. Both these insulation  has aluminium foil lamination.  It has a different thickness range also. We can use two types.

       Either we can use it along with roofing sheets, it can be applied after terracing prior to roofing sheets.then insulation  can be applied and roofing sheets can be installed  upon it. You should noticed out always you had better using insulation material  with maximum thickness provided.Because in this cases the temperature is controlled only because of the insulation property.otherwise after applying roofing sheets it can be screwed in the interior  bottom.It can be screwed from the bottom inwards adding holdings. 

        There will be a slight air gap between insulation and roofing sheets.when this air gaps are occupied, this aluminium  foil has a property with which reflects the heat absorbed. It prevent inward emissions  of it is more has two properties  that heat reflection and insulation  together.

        False ceiling can be applied with one sided aluminum  folded needs  certain  thickness when applying from the bottoming the thickness of aluminum  foil is more it would experience better performance. All materials  have 12 to 13 micron of aluminum. 45 to 50 microns of aluminum is also available. It indicates  the thickness of aluminum  foil.It is used for reflection properties.

        We always have a climate blended with a sunny and rainy  atmosphere. I think it fluctuates. In these materials, it doesn’t absorb water.No fungal attacks are foam material, fire rating is 0 and fire rating 1 categorized material.

          When it is applied along with roofing sheets,above the roof while raining it is usually to produce much noise .But in this method, there will.l be no sound. It is the first advantage. Next is it reduces the working of the compressor and maintains the cool for a long time. It helps to retain the cool atmosphere. We can use 9mm and 13mm  inside walls ,floor walls also.It has Rs 25/ sq.ft.the price varies  depending on the thickness.they send parcel one roll at Rs 250. It has a 1 year warranty. They provide services 

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