Restrictions and rules to follow for April 24 and 25 in kerala

      Today I would like to inform you about  the latest informative  news. Today and tomorrow,  a lot of restrictions are coming. There are restrictions like lock down.3 petitions have been filed in the high court to declare a complete lock down and ban announced from midnight on May 1 to midnight on May 2.

     It has also demanded that the celebrations of the election results be curtailed. April 24 and 25  have a lot of restrictions  like weekly end curfew.  These days are holidays for government  offices also . Except  fruits and vegetable shops, fish ,meat shops,milk booths ,grocery stores.

      Home delivery,parcel service  has been approved in our state. Don’t sit and eat food in a restaurant.  Bus services and train services ,aeroplane services will work.

     Passengers should carry the required  documents. Otherwise they will get a fine and register fine also. We should register covid jagratha  portal for marriage and change of house.

       Follow all the covid protocol rules.Those working in the IT sector can enter their jobs.

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