Repacking business  – how to start, essential instruments,how to apply for  licenses, 


     Almost every individual wants to start a business. But with no clear idea of which business to start ,it will remain a nightmare. But we can start businesses at very low cost. It is essential to have a knowledge of business ideas. So today I am introducing you to a business idea. It is a simple business. It is repacking business. 

     In this business buy some items wholesale and convert them into small packets and sell them.we can repack food materials(FMCC related)  or Non FMCC related materials.  Some materials  can pack normal packages and some materials  can pack bottles.

       According  to your products,finalize your packaging requirements. Select what kind of packaging is best for your product. Spend time to study the various  packaging  options.

     We can start a food packaging business. It is maximising  their profit margins. It is a very profitable  business.  It is very easy to start. If you would like to start this business, you can select the materials from the markets. 

           You can select peas, kaduk,chilli powder,Coriander powder , can select liquid products  like can select bakery items also.  You can select the items and sell by repacking .You must select  the profitable can start this business in your own home.

    you will get a profit of Rs 20 / kg. You will get more profit through this business by increasing the quantity for selling and marketing. 

     We will start this business by renting a building.or you can start this business  in your own home . Address is very essential. You must apply for a panchayat / municipality license. If you take a lease building , agreement, tax receipt, electricity  bills are necessary .

      Make a brand name. It helps to increase your business. We Must need GST.If you want to GST ,pan card,business license agreement, address proof,photo, bank statements   are necessary.  We can apply for GST online. 

      Next you can apply for a repacking  license. We can take this license  from the legal metrology  department. The Legal Metrology department is responsible for maintaining uniformity and 

accuracy in weight and measures weighing and measuring instruments used by traders in all Markets and trading centres in our state.This license is necessary. 

     Next we need a hand sealing machine,a weighing machine. Vacuum packaging machines are necessary  in meat, vegetables  repacking. Sealing machine calibrated date. Then we can apply to the legal metrology  department.  We can apply online for this license. Its fee is Rs 750. 

       We will get a license from the legal metrology  department,  our business is very safe. Label must include company name,contact number, address, email ,quantity ,expiry date and MRP.

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