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      Tiles are considered one of the best flooring options. Floor materials like porcelain tiles are resistant to stains, cracks, chips and scratches. Floor tiles are resilient and the best choice for busy households. Tile flooring is resistant to water penetration and scratches. Replacing a cracked tile is very easy.Different types and colors of tiles are available in the market.marble tiles are timeless,high impact tiles used in residential and commercial floor options. Some regular cleaning is required. Mosaic tiles are slip resistant flooring options. These are excellent choices for wet environments. It can be made from ceramic, metal, glass,mother of pearl,etc.

      Porcelain floor tiles are the most recommended tiles for kitchen ,living area and bathroom. These tiles  are made from dense clay fired at high temperature. It won’t soak or swell in stains. These tiles has lowest prices per square feet. These tiles are used in high traffic areas with more style options.

      Ceramic floor tiles are more cost affordable tile options. It is used in low traffic areas. It is made with fired clay and it can be finished with glaze that adds colour ,shine and non porous finish. It is less durable than twice fired material like  porcelain. Glass floor tiles are another type of tiles. These tiles have superior water ,moisture and mold resistant capacity. You can select these types of tiles for wet ,low traffic environments.

     The size and shape of glass mosaic tiles is also a good choice for shower floor. It has strength and extra grip. Stone floor tiles are another type of tiles. It is an elegant ,durable, and easily maintained flooring option. You can select these types of tiles for heated floors.

     Ceramic tiles are one of the most common types of tile found in every house. It has increased durability so you can use it in any room in your house such as kitchen, bathrooms or sitouts. It is easy to install, clean and you will get a lot of styles of these tiles. Glazed and unglazed ceramic tiles are available in the market. Unglazed tiles are artistic  and rustic finished. It has no coating.it must be treated to resist stains .

     Glazed ceramic tiles provide more protection for longer lasting floors. It has features like liquid glass coating that helps resist fading, fire ,scratches and stains. Ceramic tiles are used as floor tiles and shower tiles. Ceramic tiles are used in high traffic areas ,kitchens, bathrooms and entryways, etc. It is not recommended for outdoor uses. It is cost effective and easy to maintain.

      Porcelain tiles are differ from ceramic tiles. It has an ability to emulate natural stone, wood and bricks. It comes in a variety of colors, styles and designs to allow versatility when designing a house. We can use it in outdoor spaces. Porcelain tiles are durable and less porous compared to ceramic tiles. 

      These types of tiles are water resistant and can be coated for better traction. You can more easily cut it than other types of tiles . It is affordable and it has low maintenance. It is heavier than other tiles. and is not recommended for second or third floor projects Because it will not fade,crack or freeze. You can use it in the bathroom, kitchen, high traffic area and kitchen back splashes.You can easily install these types of tiles.Granite is a Natural stone. It has a similar look and feel to a marble.

     If you want to select a new tile ,you should consider its size, colour and rating. Different kinds of tiles are available in the market. Mosaic, wall tiles and floor tiles have different levels of thickness. The size of a tile you selected for your room will have a direct effect on your room’s  look. The colour of your tiles can hide wear and tear. Tiles create warmth.

     Tiles are rated and graded. Tiles are rated using porcelain enamel hardness rating. Make sure PEI wear and break rating is at least 4. Rating of 4 or  higher ensures your tile is suitable for residential uses.

      Tiles are also graded by their quality. Grade 1 tiles have no defects. Grade 2 tiles have slight imperfections. Grade 3 tiles are thinner and designed for walls. You should use grade one or two tiles for flooring. Grade 3 tiles are only suitable for walls.

      Different kinds of tiles are made from natural stones such as travertine, Slate, granite and marble. Tiles can be beautiful and durable to cover and enhance your floors or walls. You should find the right type of tiles. You can select ceramic ,porcelain and metal tiles. Some tiles are better for floors and others are better for walls.

     We can see a place where we get branded  tiles at affordable  prices. It is available in Labqi tiles,kottiyam, kollam.you can buy new trending kasa brand wall tiles at low prices. Different  designs of tiles are available here.15×10 size tiles are available at low price.matching floor tiles are available at Rs 26.Matching tiles are available at 1×1 sizes.you can select the tiles as your favour.you can buy 18×12 size tiles at Rs 32.Old and new trend tiles are available here.vitrified and ceramic  tiles are available at different  designs  and colors. It is a large godown of tiles. You will get a large discount from here.New trending patterns are available. 

     18×12 sized Vitrified  tiles are available at Rs 58 and ceramic tiles are available at Rs 48.mat,glossy types tiles are also available here. Glossy finish tiles cost Rs 32.12×8 size 8mm thickness tiles has Rs 38/ square feet. Natural wood finishing 1200 size  tiles are available at Rs 80.satin, rustic finish tiles are available. You can use these tiles in floors, wall cladding, also.

    18×12 bathroom tiles are available. 2×1 size tiles are available at Rs 42.salix brand tiles are available at Rs 36.Double charge tiles are also available here.premium shade has Rs 80.Different  colours of tiles are here. All tiles are durable and cost effective. These double charge tiles cost Rs 78/ square feet. Fire protection granite tiles are available at Rs 110.you can use it in commercial spaces.

    Digital printed Vitrified tiles are available here.4×2 size tiles are available here.it has Rs 32.Full body size superwhite tiles has Rs 225. Granite slabs are available at Rs 45.

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