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Teak wood has natural oils, it helps to make termite resistant.This oil acts as anti termite coating. so we can use teak wood without any polishing. This natural oil protects the wood from dry rot. Teak wood has small,fragrant ,white flowers, large paper leaves hairy on the lower surface of the leaves. It has a yellowish colour. There is leather like scent in newly cut wood. Teak wood has its own strength that sets it apart from other woods. It has a dense course structure. Teak Wood has good strength and durability.

Teak Wood does not shrink or warp due in different weather conditions. It has high dimensional stability. We can use teak wood as a perfect material for outdoor furniture. It has a natural color and texture. Any design with any depth can be made on wood. It is long lasting durability, weather resistivity ,terminate resistivity make a teak wood is long lasting and it needs very low maintenance. Furniture made from the reflected property will look really incredible. Most of the people select teak wood furniture.

It can last for generations in a wide variety of climates with low maintenance. It is long lasting due to the high rubber and oil content of teak wood. It is used for preparing Indian doors and window frames. Teak wood is very expensive because of its properties which put it in high demand. It is water resistant ,pest assistant and rotting resistant. Teak wood is harvested at a minimum age of 20 years. It is the ideal material for outdoor furniture as the teak oil makes it waterproof and undesirable to wood eating insects.

Teak wood contains high content of silica. If you want to buy a teak door, you should check the quality of the wood. Do not keep the thickness of the door and the window shutters frame less than 30 mm.Teak door is the hardest, most durable, strongest wood and it is used for perfect material outdoor furniture. It is moderately heavy material.Most of 5he people prefer teak wooden doors.

We can see a place where we get teak doors at low cost. It is in essence land, vallapuzha, Palakkad. You will get a 10 year warranty. Designed teak are available here.you will get teak doors at Rs 5500.They sell teak doors to all over Kerala. Lot of collections of teak doors are available. They collect old teak doors,woods from houses and make doors.95% teak door has Rs 6500.mahagony woods are available at Rs 4000.100% mahogany wood are available at Rs 5500.we can use it in bedrooms.

Designed main doors are available at Rs 20,000 old and new teak doors are available. Kitchen doors are available. It has Rs 8500.variety designed main doors are available. Above 100 wooden designed main doors are available. New teak main door has Rs 14,000. Forest teak single doors are available. It has Rs 12500.forest teak double doors are available. It has Rs 27500.They provide these doors to your home freely.double door full teak has Rs 13,000.

After delivery, they provide workers for fitting it.Teak wood windows are available. It starts from Rs 1250. We can select the models of windows. Window frame has Rs 800.shutter model window frame has Rs 1500.membrane doors are available here. Laminated doors are available at Rs 2300.

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