Quality sarees starts at Rs 400


       Sarees are the women’s garments from the Indian subcontinent. It consists of unstitched drapes varying from 4.5 into 9 M in length and 24 to 47 inch in breadth. Sarees are wrapped around the waist,with one draped over the shoulder and bearing the midriff. There are more than 80 recorded ways to wear a saree. Weekend raped saree in several different styles. Sari is an outer garment of women consisting of a piece of brightly coloured, embroidered ,silk ,cotton ,synthetic cloth 5 to 7 yards long. It is traditionally worn in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal and Sri Lanka. Wearing a saree is provided to women to conserve the culture of India. It expresses the pride of their Nation and tradition.A sari is worn with the pairing up with a blouse.


     There are mainly different types of sarees in India. They are Banarasi saree, Kanchivaram silk saree ,cotton printed saree, cotton Handloom saree , printed chiffon saree, embroidered sarees etc. Banarasi sarees are made of silk which exhibit Mughal patterns. Cotton printed sarees included Bandhani style, block printing and handmade painting. Kanchipuram silk sarees are a form of attire in Tamilnadu. It is the combination of coloured Threads and Zari work. Cotton Handlooms sarees are light weighted ,comfortable saree and its border is exhibited with the Silk thread work.


    Printed chiffon sarees are durable, easy to wash and it has several colourful prints. We can wear it regularly. Embroidered sarees are designer sarees. Mainly it is fabric such as crepe,chiffon ,Georgette ,silk . It is used for the creation of sarees with the beautiful kori, Kundan ,zari embroideries.saree is considered an essential attire for bridal wear.


    Any woman with any shape can wear saree and size can wear a saree and look stunning.we can see a place where we get quality sarees at low price.silk sareez are started at Rs 400.Totally 50,000 sarees are here.kerala designs are here.we can buy minimum 5 sarees.we can buy original silk sarees from here.It is in mahaguru handlooms, pollachi.it is 50km far from Palakkad. We can buy sarees from here and resell it.


      They supplied sarees to all Kerala shops. Pure cotton,handlooms,power looms,silk cotton sarees are here.variety models of sarees are here.They have separate sections for designing.500 designs of sarees are here.you can purchase sarees from here and start a business. 


      Borderless simple sarees are favorable for keralites.silk cotton sarees are here.Do not need to dip in starch.There are different models,colors of sarees in kerala. Kerala women prefer dusty colors of sarees.These are gliding sarees.cotton silk sarees start from Rs 400 to 1500.

      New trend sarees are available.sarees has 6.25 meter length.designed blouses are in the sarees.Temple designed sarees are here.you should buy minimum 5 pieces of sarees.They help all new business peoples.silver,copper ,gold border  design  sarees are available. Full and half work sarees are available. 


       Simple model sarees are here.All materials are high quality. They checked well and sold the materials. They provide color guarantee  to the materials. 20 color variety sarees are here.we can give an order for the same color and design  sarees.Full designed silk sarees are available. Lots of models are available. 


        They used mild designed sarees to the kerala.Rich look sarees are here.large border size sarees are here.Pure silk sarees are available. Kanchivaram sarees start at Rs 7000.ypu can call whatsapp and select the sarees. They sent catalogues of sarees.you will get good profit from these products. 


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