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      Clothes are very important in our life. Clothes are fabric which is made by knitting a substance such as cotton, wool ,Silk or nylon. It is used especially for making clothes. Dresses are every classic apparel option for women. Dresses are an important feature of all human societies. It provides protection and warmth. A person’s first impression is influenced by their appearance.The people who dress better have more confidence, feel more powerful. Dressing helps to present a positive professional image .Dressing well can really change our day and mood.It provides  a good impression. 

    People are judged by their physical attributes. Clothes can reveal personality of a person.first impression gets from your sticks in their mind forever.Dressing  well provides self confidence. It is a form of self expression. Dressing well brings you a lot of opportunities. Dressing well is respecting yourself and your body.clothes and materials are appropriate for different  places.

     Most people  prefer to buy cheap clothes. It enables you to get out of debt. It gives you a higher level of freedom. Buying expensive clothes is a waste of money. You can save more money. Buying cheap clothes helps to spend more money on other things in your daily life.womens are more conscious about fashionable dresses. 

     With the help of fast fashion, customers can buy new trendy clothes at very low prices. Fast fashion brands offer new stylish clothes at affordable prices very quickly. Influence of social media and Technology innovation in manufacturing and distribution the first fashion business model is growing immediately. Consumers demand new affordable fashionable clothes available in stores. Consumers prefer affordable and trendy clothing. Celebrities and social media persons motivated them to buy more pieces of clothing with the very low prices.

     Buying new clothes is a daily event for a lot of people. People often buy clothing that they don’t  necessarily need. It is a pleasure. Now most of the consumers can buy new trendy clothing at a very low price. They can afford the latest articles and styles regularly.

   We can see a place where we get trendy clothes, daily wares, and home appliances at low prices. It is in a direct  factory outlet, Kothamangalam. It has textiles, footages,bags,and households at very low prices. It Is a new trending shop. Different  types of trolley bags are available.  It starts from Rs 1000.bags are available at Rs 145.

     Different  types of raincoats are available.  It starts from Rs 299.These are quality  materials.  Shawls are available  at Rs 99.Gents shorts start from Rs 240. Small, medium,  large,XL,sizes are available. You will get a huge profit  from it. 

     Ladies tops are available  at Rs 80 to 450.variety designs are available, Rayon materials  are available  at Rs 99. You can use these materials daily. Maternity wares are available  from Rs 250.churidar materials  are available from Rs 450.western tops are available  at Rs 299.

     Dangry designed tops are available here. Various models of kaftans are available here. Leggins started from Rs 49.Shawls are available  from Rs 240. Denim jackets are available  from Rs 260.Lot of collections are here.it starts from Rs 99. Ladies bags are available .It starts from Rs 299.purses starts from Rs 170.variety gents Chappels are available. 

      Cigarette pants, palazzo are available at Rs 270.These all are quality materials.  Palazzo starts at Rs 80 .settee covers start from Rs 50. Variety designed sofa covers are available  at Rs 40/ piece.Thorth starts from Rs 35. 3 towels has Rs 120. Blankets have Rs 599.it starts from Rs 150.Different types of bedsheets are available.  It starts from Rs 99. King size bed sheets  have Rs 400. 

     Different  sizes of mats are available at Rs 19. Different types of soft floor mats are available.  Ladies jeans are available at Rs 399.Jeans palazzo are available. Different  colors are available. Skinny fit pants are available.  Short tops are available  at Rs 80.lenin tops are available  at Rs 499.

      Churibottom ,skin fit pants start from Rs 120.These are free size materials. Lycra pants are available. Jogger models are available. It has Rs 380.Normal pants are available.Ladies  T-shirts starts from Rs 49.All sizes are available. Plain and printed materials  are available. T shirts have Rs 69,99.These are quality materials. 

      Huddise are also available here.Different types of dresses are available here.Gents T shirts are available  here.it starts from Rs 49.Different sizes are available. Kids,ladies, gents T shirts are available  here. A lot of designs  are available. Variety nighties are available  at Rs 79.Baniyan type nighties are available. 

      Variety household appliances are available here.Tawa available at Rs 240. Gas stoves are available at Rs 1899.you can buy here from gift items. Pressure cookers available  at Rs 499. Impex thermo flask has Rs 799. It has a 1 year warranty.  plastic items are available.  Home decors start from Rs 50. Curtains  started from Rs 149.Different types of LED lights are here. Pillows started from Rs 70. Different  types of crockery items are here. It starts from Rs 100.

        Basins, Steel plates, aluminium plates are here.kids sections are here. Gents shirts start from Rs 250. The Canadian sky branded shirt has Rs 550.Full sleeve,half sleeve shirts, casual shirts, jeans,are available here. Track suits start from Rs 79.cargo type pants are available at Ts 380. Like pants available at Rs 299. casual shirts start from Rs 149. Jeans start from Rs 350. Various kids’ dresses are available. All materials  are available.  Baby beds are available at Rs 299.kids frocks are available. Small kaftan starts from Rs 350.Huggies available  at Rs 459.All sizes have same rates. Sanitary napkins are available 2 get 1  at 218.Latest designed skirts are available  at Rs 80 to 699.cotton shifting,banyan materials are available. Tissues are available1 get 1 free at Rs  65.

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