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     A piece of furniture is a movable object intended to support human activities. Good furniture should create a better everyday life. Our furniture gives your home a clean look effortlessly .A furniture provides more comfort ,authenticity, durability ,organisation ,and more light in our rooms. From time to time most of the people make changes to the interior and update the new style to your home. New luxurious furniture may be one of the costly investments you make for your home. Different furniture designs made to fit with different home themes. 

      You can select tables ,easy chairs, that are crafted with the old fashion look or new modern look. Living room always looks better with furniture. As old furniture makes the room  become more uncomfortable. New furniture can be a lot more comfortable. New furniture adds an authentic look to the rooms. You should buy quality furniture to provide durability. Good crafted furniture with the right materials can withstand objects dropped on it. High durability of the furniture is important for your investment. Furniture can help keep your living room organised. Wooden furniture has high strength and durability. It is extremely resilient and it requires very little maintenance. It is easy to maintain .Wooden furniture is nearly effortless to maintain. Providing good furniture to your room will complete it and change its look and feel.

     Furniture is made with wood ,steel, aluminium ,glass and plastic materials. These materials may have revolutionized the furniture industry. Wood is a staple material in furniture manufacturing. Most of the individuals will love to have outside and indoor furniture made with wood. Most of the business people make their planned wooden furniture. The solidness of the wooden furniture makes a charming profit. We can easily clean these furniture.

    Small changes in your home can make a huge difference to your comfort, health also. You spend a large part of your time in your home. So the environment of your home will play a large role in your life. Most of the people hesitate from buying new furniture to their home due to time, cost and effort. Furniture provides complete design to your rooms. It takes up the majority of space and makes your home free lived and complete. We need a lot of furniture for our comfortable lives for storage, sitting, relaxation etc.

     Buying furniture without planning, affects your decoration and overwhelms the space of your house. You should choose the right furniture for your home to improve the beauty of your house. Variety of furniture is available in the market. We see only the modern and designer furniture that  comes with different appearance, function and styles.

    It is extremely strong and durable. It requires no maintenance. Most of the solid wood furniture is made with hardwoods like oak,maple,walnut. 

    We can see a place where we get quality furniture at low prices. IFA decor,furniture shop,thottilpalam, calicut.you will get an onam offer for the furniture. All showrooms will get these offers.

Materials available in this shop at onam offer prices

Bedroom sets

     If you want to set a bedroom,you can purchase a 5 feet cot,Almira, dressing unit,cot side table at Rs 22,000 from here. 30 square feet storage cot ,Almira,dressing unit,cot side table available at Rs 29,000.it is designed cot.engineered wood is used to make this cot.It has 5 year warranty. 

    Wooden bedroom set is available here.forest Akkasia 5 feet 3 doors Almirah ,storage box cot,dressing unit, side box available at Rs 47,000.

Dining table 

      Different sizes of dining tables are available here.5’3,6’3,6’31/2,6’4 dining tables are available. 5’3 table with chairs has Rs 15000.you will get an onam offer for these products. 6’3 designed  forest Akasia dining table has Rs 13,500.6’3 designed forest Akasia without boxing type dining table has Rs 11,000.6’4 dining table has Rs 13000.Wooden Chairs are available at Rs 1200.


    Variety living room sofa available here.comfortable premium style sofas are available here.It has Rs 37500.recron is used for cushion support. It has a spring facility.These sofas contain 3 seaters,2 seaters and corners.you can customise the sofas also. Sofas start at Rs 10,000.pocketed spring sofa available at Rs 22500.casual sofas available here. It is a long lasting material.  It is depo teak material. It has Rs 25,000.


    Different  types of almirah or wardrobes are available here.It has more storage facilities. It has Rs 13,000.it has 5 year warranty.Engineered wood Almirah has Rs 6000.Akasia wooden almirah has Rs 14,000.you can select size and model of wardrobes.

Study tables 

    Different types of study tables are available here.it starts from Rs 3000.study table contains revolving chair has Rs 2900.variety visiting chairs are available. 

Onam offer

     They provide a 20 to 50 % discount to all products .They provide coupons to the customers and provide 32 inch LED TV.They provide a gold coin to the purchase above Rs 10000.Bajaj EMI scheme available here.They provide zero percentage interest loan to the premium beds.


        They have a large collection of mattresses.Variety range of mattresses are here. Normal beds are available. Single to king size mattresses are available.Medicated beds are available.5 year to lifetime warranty mattresses are available.  Medicated beds start at Rs 8000. Spring beds are available at zero percentage interest. It has a 5 year warranty. 

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