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      Furniture consists of large movable objects in a room . Home furniture is very important in our home. It includes objects  such as tables, chairs,beds,dressers, desks,etc.Furniture is kept in a house to make it suitable  for living. Furniture made with usually  wood,plastics, metal,marble, fabrics, glass .wood is the material most often used for making furniture. There are different kinds that can be used for furniture. We need furniture for our comfortable  lives.And we use it for storage, relaxation . You should buy furniture  with a plan. Otherwise it affects your decoration .

     It gives a complete design to our home .Choosing the right one for your home improves beauty  and keeps your stress away.It covers major space and crucial parts of interior design. It provides warmth in the house.It is also the first piece of attraction,  where everyone  wants to sit comfortably .

     We can see a place where we can get furniture at an affordable  price. It is available  in Maharaja furniture  shops.you should buy good quality  furniture. The furniture used inside the sofas.we will get warranty  by the shop.we can buy furniture  at affordable  prices. We will get a large collection  of furniture  from here.Sofas start at Rs 10,000.L shaped sofas are available  at low price.

     We can buy 3+2 seater sofas from here, It has good quality and priced at Rs 13,000.we will get a 5 year warranty  also. Mahogany,aquasia furniture  are here.Quality small size sofas are also available. Sofas in different  designs  and colours are available  here.

     You can buy premium  range sofas also.you will get warranty  on all of these furnitures. Those who want to choose designs  include a mobile charger on a sofa. It has Rs 52000.you can buy shelves at Rs 4900.wooden shelves are bought  at Rs 5500.it has 5 year warranty. 

  You can buy a variety  of shelves  from here.Premium quality  and non premium  quality  furniture  are available  here.The three tiered cupboard cost is Rs 15,000.you can buy cabinets  from here. It has Rs 13000.large cabinets  have Rs 15,500.

     You can buy different  types of mattress storage types. Study table has Rs 1500.study tables are made with steel or wood. Imported items are also available. Those who want to buy furniture,  you can buy it from Maharaja furniture  shop, Thamarassery, kozhikode. You can buy high quality  materials  at an affordable  price. 

      You can buy quality furniture at low cost. You will get a wide variety  of furniture from here. Imported and non imported furniture  are also available  here. You will get a warranty  for all furniture. You will get a bench seat at Rs 4900.L shape 5 seater sofas starts at Rs 10,000.treated woods are used here. You will get a free size warranty. Wooden frame sofas have Rs 24,000.spring sofas will get at  Rs 35000.Four recliner sofas at Rs 75000.we can charge from Rs sofas. It has Rs 41000.

      Variety almara starts at Rs 4500. You will get a 5 year Warranty. Three  door almirah has Rs 12000.wooden wardrobes are here. It starts at Rs 13000.teak wardrobes will get Rs 42000. Aquasia wardrobes will get art 12000. Wooden beds are available.  Box wooden beds will be at Rs 23500.you  will get a full set starting at Rs 25000. It has a cot, sidebox, almara, and mirror. We will get a Dining table at Rs 6500. Chair started at Rs 1300. A lot of models are available. We can buy study tables at Rs 1600.

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