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        Furniture is movable objects intended to support human activities such as storing ,eating, seating ,sleeping etc. Important furniture are sofas,chairs ,stools ,tables,cupboards, desks, shelves,drawers, etc. Furniture is also used to hold objects at a particular height for work. Furniture is a product of design and it is considered a form of decorative art. Furniture is commonly made from different materials like metal, plastic and wood. 

       Long years ago people started to construct and carve their own furniture using stone, wood and animal bones. All types of woods have unique signature marks that can help easy identification of the type of furniture. Hardwoods and softwood are used in the manufacturing of furniture. Each furniture has its own specific uses. Commonly used softwoods are Pine, Redwood and yew. High quality furniture to be made out of hardwood like teak,mahogany, maple, walnut,birch and Cherry. High quality wood will have been air dried to rid it of its moisture. 

      We need furniture for our comfortable lives,  storage, sitting and relaxation. If you buy furniture without being planned it affects your decoration. You should choose the right furniture for your home. Using furniture in an office attracts customers and also increases the productivity of employees. So using the right furniture reflects the nature of your business and provides an optimistic relationship with partners and clients.

      A home with right furniture completes the home and covers major space and crucial parts of interior design. So you should choose the right furniture that fits space and provides warmth in the house. If you want to buy a new home, furnishings are necessary .Buying furniture can be expensive. Some people prefer to have their house thoroughly furnished  but others prefer a more simple home with most necessary furnishings. 

     Sofa is the king of all home furnishings. A home can truly be a home without having a sofa might be up for debate depending on who you ask. You can use a chest drawer for keeping your clothes neat.Boom case is an impressive thing.Dining table is an important piece of furniture in a home. Desks are used as work space and for storage. Wardrobe is another important piece of furniture. 

    Furniture makes changes in the space and its functionality. Variety of designs and types of furniture are available in the market. The most integral part of a house interior is the presence  of furniture. The variety of furniture found in a house are chairs, tables ,beds and its  type divisions bring out the overall attire of your house. The beauty of a house is complete with the placement of furniture.

      The furniture in a house makes your house a substantial and functional unit. The variety of furniture gives meaning to your house decorations and makes the spaces well equipped. Furniture provides a balanced view of the entire space. Furniture turns empty built structures into complete houses with its presence.

        We can see a place where we get quality furniture at an affordable price.it is in Ifa decor, Kunnam kulam. You can exchange your furniture also.you can buy quality sofas from here. They will repair minute complaints of  your furniture. Drawer, revolving chair,etc. They will come and repair your furniture in Kerala. You can buy Deegan coats at affordable  prices. It has Rs 3990.

       Variety models and different colours of Deewan coats are available here. You will get a cot and bed at Rs 4950.It has 15 year warranty. They used coconut wood. Family cot,bed,pillows has Rs 8000.Bedroom set offers are here. It includes  a cot, bedside,wardrobe.dressing table at Rs 23990.Different colors are available.

      Choral chairs are available at Rs 3000.it is quality materials. It has a lifelong warranty.  Foldable tables are available at Rs 3980. It is unbreakable  material. Study table with 3 shelves has Rs 5900.Dining table wooden set has Rs 21,000. Dining tables with glass top start from Rs 9800.Wooden Dining chairs are available at Rs 1350.

       Variety model shoe racks are available. Bella Malaysia brand dining tables are available.  It has a 5 years replacement warranty. It is quality material. It has light weighted and hard simple chairs.it has Rs 39800.Contemporary dining table has Rs 36800.

      Hanging chairs are available at Rs 9200 .It is pvc material. Lengthy sofas are available. Rexine sofas are available at Rs 41500.wooden sitout chairs are available. Mahogany Wooden sofas are available at Rs 37000.Miamy cloth sofas are available. Mahogany wood treated with MDF cot has Rs 12800. It has a 10 year warranty. 50 models are available. 

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