Quality designed  silk and set sarees from Rs 200.


     Sarees are the most beautiful piece of traditional Indian weather for women. We can wear it on almost any occasion. Saree is the outfit that can bring seminars in a woman being fully covered. It makes women look feminine, beautiful, innocent and Sexier.it is available  in a variety  of designs. Silk sarees are very important.  It is more affordable and people are following  the herd and buying it.Every woman likes to wear sarees.

    We can see a place where we get sarees at low prices. It is in AR handlooms ,palakkad – Thrissur border,kuthampully.sarees are starting from Rs 200.we can see different  designs  of sarees. Printed  sarees,simple  sarees, frocks , gents, dhoti, shirts,hand work sarees, and half sarees are available  here.

    Set sarees,silk sarees,also available  here.101 Designs of set sarees are available here.They are the manufacturer  of sarees. We can purchase through video call. Silver sarees are available. It has Rs 850.we can purchase set saree, silk saree, soft silk saree,etc.sarees are totally  6 ¼ meter. 

     Set sarees price are up to Rs 1300. We  can select all ranges of sarees.Hand paint designs  sarees are available. We can see 15 colours of designs.  Colour of the clothes are guaranteed.full golden sarees are available. 

     Different types of half sarees are available.  Its price starts from Rs 850. We can purchase one product only. We will get it within 4 days. These are good quality  materials. A lot of dhotis are available.  It starts from Rs 160.Different colours of dhotis are available. Hand paint dhotis are available. High quality  Kavi dhoti  is available. Its price starts from Rs 220.

     Different  types of silk sarees are available.  It starts from Rs 690 to Rs 15,000.copper kasavu  sarees are available. A lot of collections  are available. Golden silk sarees cost Rs 2000.we can buy quality  silk sarees at Rs 694.cottn sarees are also available. 

     Cotton silk sarees are available.  It has Rs 1521. These are full worked sarees. Silver sarees are available. It has Rs 1000.online staffs are supported to purchase.Beads work sarees are available. We can purchase sams color code dresses from here. Heavy worked set sarees are available.  100% handlooms are available. 

    Children’s dresses are available. 40 designs  are available.  Mural painting depresses are available. Shirt and dhoti of children has Rs 540.

Contact number :- 04884282974,04884208074

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