Quality budget ties at Rs 26 / square feet 

     Tiles are made through mixing,blending of several raw materials  ,pressing ,glazing and firing.The used raw materials  are clay, silica,pottery stone.Tiles are mostly  used for flooring  in bathrooms, rooms, kitchen, table tops,etc.we can use tiles for decorating  styles . Tiles are available  in different  sizes, shapes, and textures. It plays an important  role in interior  designs.ceramic tiles are resistant  to impact, stain, force. These tiles absorb  water.Good tiles are free from cracks,beads.Tiles are the most durable flooring  products available  on the market. It creates an important role in the interior  design of your home.It creates various  atmospheres which adds to the look and feel.

     Ceramic  tiles are flexible  in application  and utilized anyplace including walls, roofs and floors. Ceramic tiles are prescribed  for washrooms.we can see a place where we get quality  tiles at low price.It is in labqi tiles , kottiyam, kollam.They have a variety  of collections  of tiles.

       We can buy quality  tiles at normal price.you can buy  15×10 ceramic wall tiles at Rs 25. Gripped floor tiles will get Rs 30/ square feet.  Kitchen wall tiles 15×10 will get at Rs  26 .Most people prefer these types of tiles. 24×12 tiles will get Rs 48/ square feet. 

      Quality floor tiles are available.  800× 1600 size tiles will be at Rs 75/ square feet. A lot of patterns and white shades.  These are shuffled tiles. Nano white tiles 2400× 800 at Rs 225/ square feet. Black nano tiles are available. Full body vitrified wall  tiles are available. These tiles have Rs 58 / square feet. We will get a variety  of vitrified tiles. We can use gums to fit it in the walls. Ceramic wall tiles are also available. It has Rs 34 / square feet. 

      12 × 8 wall tiles are available.  These tiles have depth, thickness, and a natural  look . mostly we use rub wood for interior. But we can see finished strips here. We can use flooring bedrooms,sit out  walls, etc. It is very cost effective. It has Rs 80/ square feet.Teak wood finished walls are available.  

       Quality  bathroom  tiles are available.  These are 3D printed tiles. . It has Rs 36 / square feet. Its floors have Rs 34 / square feet. We can use epoxy to fit the tiles. Turkish designed bathroom  tiles are available. Double charged ,digital tiles are available.  Double  charged tiles have extra coating. It has less chance to get scratched. These are 80×80 tiles. It has Rs 75/ square feet. Mac finished  tiles are also available. Marble finish tiles have Rs 76.Digital tiles are available.  It has Rs 48 / square feet. Budget friendly  tiles are available. These have Rs 30 / square feet. 

       Kitchen digital  tiles are also available. It has Rs 32/ square feet.  Glass print tiles are available.  It has Rs 750/ piece. Different colored granite pieces are here. It has Rs 20mm.it has Rs 130/ square feet. 50 mm thickness granites are available. We can prefer to take,e tiles at budget rates. 

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