Qualifying,vitrified ,waterproof finixco tiles at Rs 36

       Every Person has a dream to build a beautiful house at a low cost. Normally constructing a house in kerala involves high cost.But there are a lot of low cost houses in kerala. You can build your home quickly. But it needs solid plans and strategies. You should make brave decisions. You should select good quality materials for construction. 

       When approaching home construction expenses with a competitive budget, you must always choose low cost house construction materials.you can choose metal roof and vinyl siding. Installation costs of materials are slightly against the higher limit .you can save an amount. You should select a section of land wisely .Capture holdings require half of construction  materials ,you can reduce cost of Construction by a significant amount. You should choose the preferred version of construction  because it can be brought quickly and minimal costs.

      You must adopt permanently prefabricated techniques, it is a fast construction and much less cost. You can build low cost house construction in kerala with proper quality. Construction of low budgeting houses in kerala shows that you must focus on budget,structural design, cost cutting methods and materials. You should reduce construction costs by choosing more straightforward  geometric design. When you introduce unwanted complexity you need more construction materials,spend more labor. 

       If you have to complete construction on a competitive budget.you should choose the construction techniques that will require minimum construction materials.you should select low maintenance, long lasting materials. Mainly labor costs cover the total cost of the construction. You should wisely collaborate labor to achieve construction work to a certain extent. You can significantly reduce construction cost.

  You should prepare an architectural design and submit a plan to the authority for approval. You should prepare a working image including Sanitation, electrical,plumbing, etc.you should prepare cost estimates. You must ensure that your land registration process is complete. You should construct a roof slab from the first floor and wall of  Plastering, painting,installing tiles, installing  handrails, wall works,gate works, interior design, furniture, security systems, solar panels  are the main works.

      When you want to complete the construction on a limited budget,you should select pre pre-drawn house package and it helps to save money. You can select conventional design, it helps to escape the challenge of the wasteful cost .The construction of 2 storey building will have lower fee that robs single storey house as roof.2 storey building requires to invest half of the cost needed for single single story roof.

      We can see  a place where we will get quality tiles at low cost. It is in Karingachira, Tripunithura, Ernakulam. You  can buy finisco brand tiles,saniwares from here. You will get tiles at Rs 39. Normal tiles have small thickness,increase water absorption,a lot of joints.we can use finisco.Finisco is 100% vitrified,premium,low water absorption.It is guaranteed material. 

       Finixco has 4.5 size.It is waterproof material. We can cut it and use it. It has Rs 36.finisco is a kerala brand material. Moonsathario materials are available. You can order material as per your wish .You can order the tiles as your favorite pattern. HD series tiles are available.  It has Rs 46.

       2×2 ,4×2 HD tiles are available. Cemento series tiles are available.  20 color patterns  of tiles are available  here.we can use these tiles in hotels and restaurants,kitchen,bathrooms.  These tiles are 100 % waterproof. MAT, high glossy materials  are available. Wood designed tiles are available. 

      Wash cabin set is available at . This set is available at the same for the tiles. They provide interior designs as you wish. They will  implement the designs of your house  in the tiles. We can finish it at economical rates.

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