Prepare fish farming at home,will get 40% Gov’t subsidy

           What I would like to tell you today is that if you are interested in planting a small pond on a two cents piece of land near your home and fish farming, you will get 40 % government subsidy. I would like to tell you about a new agriculture that the state government has proposed.  In this time of covid 19, the project Subhiksha kerslake has been launched a part of food security. The state government is looking for a project worth Rs 3,000 crore. One of the issues involved in the scheme is the implementation of fish farming programs in small rural areas for enhancing the fish resources within Kerala.

        The name of the scheme is fish farming in in Paluda pond in backyard . The total cost of the project is Rs 90,000.40 % of this Rs 90,000 (that is Rs 36,000) you get subsidized from various parts of the state. Rs 24,000 from local self government department and Rs 12,000 from the department of fisheries receiving as subsidy. The project is managed by the department of fisheries Kerala. However the project is managed by the local self government (Panchayat / municipality) the rest of the oversight is going on.  The fish farming project is a joint venture of the Kerala fisheries department and local self government institutions 

       The biggest feature of this project is that people who do not have their own bodies of water or water bundles, can cultivate this type of fish farming. You need to start this farm with two cents of land ,with a pool, spread out the tarpaulin  which is filled with water . Let us see how to create this pool. For two cents of land ,dig half metre down, using the soil from which it is raised and then raise it up to a height of 1 metre. Naturally the pool we made would be 1.5 metres deep. The pond is placed at tarpaulin filled with water in 1 metre .

     You need to secure it is form of a small wall with a small polythene sheet or net, so that other animals do not to fall into the pool. Let us  see how the state government is using Rs 90,000 for this project. The state government says, it is necessary to build the pool. An amount of Rs 18,400 has been set aside for that purpose.

Polythene sheet   – 38,000 

Protective net       – 1800

Other materials     – 1800 

     Rs 60,000 the state government says, in order to build the pond. But we have to spend Rs 38,000 for polythene sheet,  similarly a protective net can and cost us Rs 1800 .Rs 18,400 is said to be for making the pool. If you make this money directly, you can save this money and you can build the pool for Rs 45,000 . And later for its associated functions . 


Fish seeds      1000 Rs 6000

Fish feed          720 kg Rs 23,760

         All other related expenses are less than 1000.It comes  to Rs 30,000. but if this project is being carried out in partnership with you, you can accomplish the project with a minimum of Rs 75,000 of this Rs 36,000 is subsidized by the State Government. For this purpose ,you will receive the fish feed from the fisheries department of the state government. For people who want to implement this project, let’s see how to apply . Under the scheme, kudumbasree units , neighbourhood groups, self help groups ,farmers and individuals interested in agriculture can join this scheme.  

         Only two cents of land with water supply is needed. For people, who do not own  land, they produce a lease of the land leased from the other area, not less than 3 years with the lease agreement. You have to apply to the panchayat/ municipality, once you have filed your application, they will form a committee to be the respective chairman of the local governance, department of agriculture and fisheries department representatives, Inspect the site of those committees and recommended the beneficiaries as  they see fit and prepare a list of potential beneficiaries.

 The panchayat committee then makes the beneficiary selection and finally approved it. But the announcement and orders of this subhiksha Kerala project have already reached your Panchayat .

     As much they are completing the process of inviting applications. applications will be accepted within the next few days. Each fisheries department has appointed individual promoters at your Panchayat block levels. You can get their number from the panchayat/ municipality .you can contact them on the phone and ask them any questions you may have.

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