Pre matric scholarship and Nikon scholarship

      There  are now available two scholarships  in Kerala to apply for students. Today I would like to share with you about two scholarships in particular. If you are eligible for this scholarships try to obtain it. 

1.OBC Premetric scholarship 

                        This is a scholarship led by the state government. The scholarship is open  to students studying state syllabus/ CBSE /ICSE syllabus in 1 to 10classes and included in  OBC category.This scholarship amount will be Rs 2500 and above. It will be credited to the bank account in the name of the student. The application form should be filled and then applied through the authority of the school where the children are studying. Currently the last date to apply for OBC pre matric scholarship is july 31.


  • Must have at least 80% marks in the previous year’s annual examination.
  • Based on marks
  • Income

2.NIKON INDIA pvt ltd scholarship 

              Photography has now become a source of income for many young people. This is a private scholarship. Nikon India Private Limited give scholarships for students interested in the field of photography. Benefit of Rs 1, 00, 000 is credited to the students account. Those who have passed plus two can apply for it. Candidates who have done any courses related to photography for not less than 3 months can apply for this scholarship. You have to apply for it through the website is called  buddy for study. You must have an account at the web site of buddy for study. 


  • Based on marks
  • Based on  income
  • Based on financial need
  • Annual income should initially be less than Rs 6, 00, 000

The selected shortlisted candidates will be interviewed by telephone. After that face to face interviews will be conducted only if necessary.


  • Photo
  • Identity proof
  • Address proof
  • Self attested copy of plus two mark list
  • Proof of Identity from an institution that studies photography.
  • Fees structure
  • Bank passbook copy

All you have to do through online. We can do it over the phone. If you want to apply for this scholarship. first join buddy for study

 Last date of application 

31 /07/2020

 Eligible candidates should apply for the scholarships and seek benefits.

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