Pravasi pension scheme

             The expatriates live for the family,  they never mind their own welfare but Pravasi pension is a very useful scheme for expatriates and their families. The non resident keralites welfare fund act has developed  pension scheme for financial assistance to dependents of deceased members. 

                     Those  Pravasies  who remitted contributions to the Pravasi welfare fund continuously after the age of 60 are  eligible for a monthly pension of Rs 2000 after the age of 60. The membership will be cancelled automatically if the  monthly contribution are not continuously remitted within a period of one year. 

Benefits of Pravasi pension scheme

  •  Pravasi pension to members who remitted contributions to the Pravasi  welfare fund continuously for a period of not less than 5 years and who completed the age of 60 years.
  • To members incapacitated to attended work due to  permanent physical disability. 
  • To higher education to children of members.
  • For marriage of women members and daughters of members.
  • For Maternity Benefit to women members.
  • For medical treatment of members.
  • On the death of a member due to accident or illness.
  •  Family pension on the death of a member.


  • Migrant Indian workers with the ECR stamp in their passport are eligible. 
  • Every non resident Kerala.
  • At age of 18 –  60 years. 


  • working abroad (form number 1A)
  • returned to Kerala for permanent settlement after foreign employment for a period of more than two years( form 1B)
  • Who are working in India outside the Kerala( form 2a)
  •  who have returned to Kerala for permanent settlement from category 3 (form 2B)

Monthly contributions

  • The person working abroad  – Rs 300 
  • Returned pravasi  for permanent settlement and  working in India outside the Kerala-  Rs 100 
  • returned to Kerala for permanent settlement from category 3 – Rs  50  

     Monthly contributions  will pay monthly or yearly

How to register online 

  •  Visit the official website of Pravasi Kerala.
  • Select the type of registration
  • Enter the relevant details.
  • Affix the photo with signature. 
  • The picture to be uploaded.
  • Click on submit.
  • Click the payment window and pay the registration fees.
  •  You will get an application number. 
  •  After 30 days the card will be uploaded.
  •  Next month you will pay monthly contribution to the  Pravasi pension scheme.

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