Pravasi identity card 

Norka is a department of the government 6 December 1996 to redress the grievances of non resident keralites. The department was formed in an attempt to strengthen the relationship between the NRK’s and Government of Kerala. The field agency of NORKA is known as NORKA ROOTS,  which was set up in 2002 to act as an interface between NRK’s and Kerala government. It acts as for addressing the NRK’s problem, safeguarding their rights and rehabilitating the returner. 

            Pravasi ID card is the single step for a a non- resident Kerala to connect with Kerala government. This ID card entitles every NRK to avail all services and facilities offered by NORKA ROOTS. It comes with an add on it. Personal accidents insurance coverage of upto  a maximum of rupees 2 lakh. The validity of the card is 3 Years.  

            The ID card would be issued to to all the NRK’s working abroad across the globe. This is for the first time that a state government is implementing such a major scheme for Pravasi NRK identity card cells have been in Trivandrum,  Kochi, Kozhikode for receiving applications. 


  • Should have completed 18 years of age. 
  • You should be Pravasi residing / working abroad with a valid  passport and visa for atleast 6 months. 


  •  copy of visa page/ikkama/ work permit residence permit. 
  • registration fees Rs 315 
  • Application duly verifiedand attested by the  People’s representatives, concerned embassies/ gazetted officers of Government of Kerala. 
  • Self attested copies of passport
  • Photo 
  • Signature of applicant 
  • Application 


  • You can renew the ID card 3 months before the date of expiry. 

                     NRK’s whose Pravasi cards  have been expired and still working abroad can renew their cards  by 

  • submitting the renewal form
  •  self attested copies of Passport and Visa
  • Rs 300 in D D

 Pravasi online identity card link card. php

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