Pravasi ID card

         NORKA is a government run organisation for the benefits of Keralites  working outside India and abroad. NRKA issues identity cards to all Pravasi malayalees. It is not just an identity card, it also has a lot of government benefits including insurance coverage. Now is the most critical time for Pravasi’s . 

           B  bThere are a lot of people who have come to the country and they are trapped there without knowing what to do ,during this lockdown.  We can also find out what we can buy from the government, what benefits we can get and what we can do, if we lost jobs. 

                All the possibilities are known from NORKA ROOTS. If we are to take advantage / benefits we will have to prove that we are Pravasi. The NORKA  ID card is the proof of that. Many Pravasi Malayalees still don’t taken it.

        We can take it online as simple. Today we are going to tell you how to take the Pravasi ID card .

  • When you type NORKA  in Google and enter , you will get the Nokia website .
  • There is a CM’s message related  to covid19 for Pravasi Malayalees.
  • On the next page ,government has prepared options for Pravasi’s to share our doubts about covid 19.
  •  There is also an option available for consultation with a doctor in native .
  • Click the service option at the bottom of this page.
  • Enter  the’ apply now ‘in  Pravasi ID card .
  • Click the new user option.
  • Enter the basic details .
  • Create the new username and password.
  • We get an OTP .
  • Enter OTP and click the submit button.
  • Click the Pravasi ID card option.
  • Login with your username and password.
  • You will be fill 10 columns .
  • Your info ,permanent address ,office address, address of abroad, family info,nominee details, passport details, duration, visa details .
  • You need to attach the documents. The documents must be scanned and saved on mobile or computer .


 Passport size photo


These are in JPG format.

 Passport front page ,address page, last page

Nominee details

These are in  PDF format.

  •     These are updated.
  •  Click the ‘make a payment ‘ button in the next page.
  • Click continue to payment button.
  • Open the payment page.
  • The payment is made using debit card. Enter debit  card details.
  • The payment is  Rs 315.
  • Click ‘make payment button ‘.
  • Enter the bank OTP number .
  • We get a message , the payment success .
  • Click view  application, we can see application status submission and payment status paid.
  •  The message received cash will be send  to the mobile and email address.
  •  Within days of sending the application, we can get a message the card is ready.
  •  If you get a message, go to NORKA’s’ website and enter your  username and password .
  • The application status has changed to ID printed. 
  • Click download the ID card.
  •  We can see the ID card.
  •  The pavasi ID  card will come home within 2 months.

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