Pravasi dividend scheme – advantages, disadvantages 2022


      Pravasi dividend scheme is the non-resident Keralite welfare scheme, which will get regular monthly dividend. It is a Kerala government scheme for non-resident  Keralites. The aim of this scheme is to utilize Pravasi investments in a meaningful way and improve it. It provides investment guarantee and utilizing deposits for the development in the state. Pravasi dividend scheme would collect a deposit Rs 3 lakhs to Rs 51 lakhs and the amount would be handed over to agencies. The investors will get a monthly dividend of 10% from the fourth year of deposit. Dividends in the first three years will be added to the invested account. The dividend is calculated on the interest and the invested amount. After the death of the depositor, his wife would get the dividend until her death. Then the amount returned to the nominee.

Mainly it has 3 categories

  • Working abroad NRK people 
  • NRK who have returned to Kerala for permanent settlement after 2 years.
  • NRK who are working in India.

          It is the one-time investment scheme. You can invest From Rs 3 lakhs to Rs 51 lakhs. It is different from pension schemes.  You do not get returned for the first three years.  The invested amount only returns after the demise of the invested person. We can’t return the contribution. The dividend is based on the invested amount.  Dividends should be provided from the fourth year of investment. You will get 10 % of the interest amount. It will be directly credited to the bank account. The demise of the invested person should be reported to the board immediately with the certificate. 


  • Adhar card
  • Passport copy
  • Visa
  • Nativity certificate 
  • Photo

       Visit pravasi Kerala welfare board website. Click apply dividend online. Register with mobile number and email ID. Login using this registered number and email ID. Enter personal details, bank details, and nominee details. Attach documents. Save and submit the application. 

       Once the application is approved, login again and complete the payment details. You can complete the payment using the online banking process. We will get a 10 % dividend every year. 

        We can’t withdraw this amount. We will get a dividend lifelong. Nominees can withdraw this amount after the death of the investor and spouse. But it has a liquidity problem. 10 % dividend not guaranteed. It has no tax benefits. We will get a 10 % return and we will get lifelong income from this scheme. We can apply online.

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