Pravasi dividend pension scheme

                Kerala government  Pravasi welfare board have introduce a monthly Pravasi dividend pension scheme with an aim  to utilise their deposits for development in the state. It inaugurated in 2019 by Chief Minister of Kerala.

               Under this scheme a non resident Keralite and his life partner will get regular monthly dividends for a one time deposit till  their death. The government would collect the deposits in the range of Rs 3 lakh to Rs 51 lakh and handed over to agencies assigned for  infrastructure development. Currently KIIFB is the agency handling the scheme.The interest will give 9% KIIFB and 1% kerala government.   

           The investor would get a monthly dividend of 10 %  from the 4th year of deposit. After the death of depositor the dividend and invested sum would be handed over to the nominee.

 What is Pravasi  dividend scheme? 

  • This is a one time investment  scheme.
  • you can invest Rs  3 lakh to 51 lakh in one time investment.
  •  No return for the first three years.
  •  Add 10 % interest in the amount. 
  • From the fourth year onwards you will get dividence of 10 % each month. 


  • NRI’s  of Kerala. 
  • Those who work outside the Kerala.
  • Returnees NRI’s and who had worked outside the Kerala.


  •  Identity proof.
  •  Voter ID
  •  Residential certificate.
  •  Income certificate
  •  Aadhar Card 
  • Ration card

How to join 


  • Get 10 % interest.
  • Government guaranteed.
  • money is not lost
  •  it is not market linked


  • money is not return. 
  • Interest is not fixed.
  • Interest may increase or decrease after  years
  •  No other loan can be taken.
  •  Don’t get other pensions.

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