Pradhanmantri Mudra Yojana scheme ,child Loan

            Benefits of Rs 50,000 in the time of this covid 19.  Applicants for this project are growing more vigorously. Likewise the distribution of benefit increases .There are 6 lakh beneficiaries in Kerala . In this scheme ,child loan disbursement is the first phase of a Mudra loan . We get this loan for as much  as Rs 50,000 .Property bail ,bail nothing required. If you have approached the designated bank near you with the relevant documents you can get this eligible benefit. You will get the services of this Mudra loan in construction ,trade and service sectors.

            Unlike other lenders and various high interest schemes that bank offer the benefit of this Mudra loan guarantee will always protect you at all times. This benefit will be beneficial to SMES, partnership and Private Limited companies.


  • Applicant must be 18 years of age.
  • As far as   the applicants  with bank accounts are concerned, his CIBIL score is also be taken into account and you will be able to issue this loan. 
  • For people with higher CIBIL score, they can easily get this benefit .
  • The loan amount will be granted only after we have reviewed the venture , we are currently looking at the success of that  venture, its market value ,how much revenue is generates in the business. These matters will be decided by the bank and credited to the beneficiaries account .
  • At the municipality level, we should  approach the bank, which we currently have.
  •  At the panchayat level ,the ward  area is fixed by the banks, you should enquire about them and apply  there after.
  •  For the person who wants to start the venture ,he should inform the bank about it.


  • Application form 
  • Certificate of permanent residence.
  •  If you are SC/ ST/ OBC /minority groups ,certificate to prove It.
  • Passport size photo – 2
  • Registration of an existing Institution and licence.
  • Business plan documents.
  • Documents required by the bank.

           Child loan is a Rs 50,000benefitt. Micro Enterprises will be eligible for this benefit .As far as  the person who buys cash or overdraft is given, they will give rupay debit card. With that card,we can withdraw money at every step of our  business. The bank will have authority over the venture we are using with this loan amount.

        Most banks are  paying off loans with in 84 months of the end of the term. There is no interest subsidy on Mudra loans.It  is only after the risk factor has been considered that the bank determines its interest. Please share this information to others

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