Portable Mini sewing machine at Rs1000 to 1500


   Tailoring machines help to sew clothes in a matter of minutes.There are mainly two types of tailoring machines available,  They are manual machines and electrical machines. Manual machines are best for simple sewing and quilting.Electric tailoring machines are suitable for quilting or fashionable garments making .It has more stitches and features. Mini sewing machines are also available in the market.

     Sewing machines help to sew heavy fabrics like leather.denim and wool can’t be sewn by hand.A tailoring machine helps to sew heavy fabrics easily. Everyone wants to buy a sewing machine. A tailoring machine helps to sew faster within less time.Hand sewing takes a lot of time to finish stitching.But tailoring machine helps to sew quickly. You can sew neatly and accurately with tailoring machines. Once you thread properly, you get accurate and neat stitches.

     You can sew fancy stitches for decorative and complex projects. You can sew bindings ,decorative ribbons and beautiful laces using tailoring machines. You can create a faux ribbon effect and make embroidery works easily. You can stitch heavy fabrics using machines. You can use double thread in the tailoring machines that helps to sew stitches stronger and durable. You can stitch blankets also.

     You can make different types of fancy products using sewing machines. You can make soft toys,costumes for special occasions, and recycled products. You can make home made gifts using sewing machines. First you can find out how to use a sewing machine .There are different types and brands of sewing machines available in the market. 

      A tailoring machine with a powerful motor will be able to stitch through multiple layers of thick fabrics. Sewing helps to make most out of items that need minor repairs for longer life span.Sewing is a creative skill which can help us be more creative. You can sew your own clothes.you can stitch in a unique and special  way.

    Sewing improves hand eye coordination. It helps the growth of the brain. It is more efficient to use than stitching with hands.you can make professional output through utilization of this device. You can consume your time wisely. You can make a garment within a few minutes. You can save and earn money at the same time. You can make a garment using your design.

    Most women see sewing as a source of income. Mini Sewing Machines are most helpful.I but most people do not know about the benefits of mini Sewing Machines. We can see the advantages and disadvantages of using mini sewing machines. You can buy Mini Sewing Machines online at Rs.1000 to 1500. You will get a user manual explaining how to use it.

   It is designed to be power connected and battery operated. You will get an extra needle and small lock for threading with this machine. It has a power button on the side of the machine,which the button is pressed first then on and off. You can see a button for increasing and decreasing the speed of the machine. A thread holding section is at the top. Two types of thread systems can be connected.

    A button for adjusting Bobbin is provided. Some machines may have a blade for automatic cutting the thread. There is a space at the bottom for the place of a battery . A button is provided to set the thread on the Bobbin. Two portals are provided to connect  the connection wire and Pedal.

     You can place the thread on the top of the thread holder and wrap it around the connection to the Bobbin and adjust by hand to make all parts. Then click on the stitch adjust button. Pull the thread into the lower hook and put it into the needle. Adjust the lower thread upwards.Then sew the stitch cloth.

     This machine is a compact, transportable and perfect sewing machine. It has an inbuilt foot pedal. With maximum sewing a complete or rotation drop in hook device which gives the highest stitching speed.you can use it freely. It is a very useful product.

     You can buy it online.It is a portable mini sewing machine.  It is light weighted.A connection wire is also available with it. You can use it through power or battery. An extra needle,extra metal bobbins, threader available with this machine. A hand wheel is in the back. Connect the power and foot pedal to it. You can operate it through a switch or foot pedal.you can stitch easily.  Do not use heavy products.you will get perfect stitching. 

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