Phone pe insurance  policies

          Today I would like to share with you about the two new insurance plans on phone pe. Accidental insurance policy and the dengue and malaria insurance policy are the two policies. 

1.Accidental Insurance policy 

          This policy gives  coverages to accidental death and accidental disabilities. In case of death  due to a accident, we will get the entire policy taken out. The nominee receives this amount. This insurance coverage is available for total disability.

Benefits of accidental insurance policy

  • We will cover this policy for 24 hours.
  • Health check  up is not required. 
  • Age limit is 18 – 65 yrs.
  • This policy covers Road accidents, Railway accidents, natural disasters,terrorist attacks and all  kinds of accidents.
  • This policy covers coverage from the date of purchase.

          This accidental insurance  has 3 plans. The premium amount we  have to pay will be based on the amount we  choose for the policy.The validity of the plans are 1 year .In the first plan  if you pay Rs 24/year , you will get accidental insurance coverage of Rs 1 lakh. If you pay Rs 120/ year , you will get insurance  coverage of Rs 5 lakh .If you pay Rs 480/ year you will get insurance coverage of Rs 20 lakh.

          This policy does not cover normal death.This policy covers accidental  death and permanent disability. This policy issued by ICIC Lombard insurance. 

2.Dengue and malaria  insurance policy 

          If you are admitted in the hospital  with dengue/ malaria, chicken Guinea, kala azar,you will get insurance  coverage.

  •  Must be admitted to the hospital for at least 48 hours.
  • The waiting period  of this policy is 30 days.
  • Health check up is not required. 
  • Age limit 18 – 65 yrs.

         It has mainly 3 plans.If you pay Rs 49/ yr ,you will get  insurance coverage of Rs 10,000. If you pay Rs 149/ yr, you will get insurance  coverage of Rs 30,000.If you pay Rs 249/yr ,you will get insurance coverage of Rs 50,000. The validity  of this plan is one year.We can only claim this insurance once /year.

          We get the documents in our phone.We get the policy number. We will contact the customer  care of ICIC Lombard insurance company. We can request claim for this number. 

Claim Customer  care number :  18002666

      Down load the phone pe app in  your phone and select the insurance  in my money category. We can select the insurance policy.Enter our details .We can purchase this policy.

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