Petrol making from plastic 

                  plastic is a material consisting of wide range of synthetic or semi synthetic organic compounds that are malleable and it can be moulded into solid objects. Plastic is a material that can change its shape. Making them the right shape is easy. The plastic will become soft enough to form into different shapes and they become hard again when they cool down.

              plastic are harmful to environment. Old plastics are usually thrown away and put in landfills. Some plastics are released toxic fumes,  when heated. 

          Geo Joseph and Arun, 24 years old are making a revolutionary Discovery out of plastic,  petrol from plastic. They say that the recycling of plastic can be done by recycle fuel.  

                       Plastic converted into petrol. 1 kg of plastic can be converted into 600 to 650 ml of petrol. Heating the waste plastic with air to produce a valuable industrial gas mixture.This is used to produce petrol and diesel. 

              when plastic bottles are recycled they can be made into T-shirts, sweaters,  insulation of jackets, carpets, more bottles. Certain plants operating in foreign countries to convert waste plastics into plastic oil. 


  • Minimise the quantity of of follil fuel 
  • solving waste plastic disposal problems 
  • It will work for the economy 
  • Helps  avoid over reliance on conventional fuel
  • Reduce environmental pollution 


  • This Oil  contains higher sulphur content than normal diesel.

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