Pension of Rs 3,000  monthly provided by the central government

           In the time of this covid 19, we are still getting the benefits of the central and state governments. Today I would like to introduce you to a scheme of the central government, which provides Rs 3000 per month along with various benefits.


  • Bank account 
  • Aadhar card

           Currently this scheme is being  implemented efficiently in various states of the country. This scheme is being implemented in collaboration with the Life Insurance Corporation and central government. The central government is depositing Rs 3000 in the account of a common man under this scheme.The  Central Government has said that Rs 3000 will be deposited in bank accounts every month.

                          It is likely to increase the amount of Rs 3000 now reaching bank accounts in the future. It is possible to get another benefits through this scheme. This scheme is called shram Yogi maandhan Yojana. This is a special program to help ordinary people. This is one of the most beneficial pension scheme for people working in unorganised sectors. 

            People between the ages of 18 and 40 can join this scheme. Under this scheme we have to invest for 40 years. When an  18 years of old person joins this scheme, it costs just Rs 55. When 19 years old join this scheme, he has to pay Rs 60.

              The central government will invest in proportion to the amount we invest. The comment box of the video States how much the central government will spend in proportion to the amount you have to invest.


  • House maids
  • People working in the agricultural sector
  • People carrying and selling home appliances
  • People working in the Handloom sector
  • Mercenaries
  • Those working in the construction sector
  • Rickshaw taxi workers

          LIC is responsible for its coordination. This is one of the safest pension plan. You can get information about its application through the nearest LIC office or Public Service Centres.

              Be sure to apply for such benefits. The applicant is entitled to this benefit from the age of 60 years. They gets Rs 3000 every month. If the applicant dies after the age of 60 years, the applicant’s life partner will receive 50 percentage of the monthly amount.

         In the event of the death of the current  spouse, the amount due will be credited to the relatives bank account at once along with all other benefits. If they wish to withdraw from the scheme before the age of 60, they will be reimbursed the amount and interest paid. 

         Applications for this scheme have begun to be accepted. People between the ages of 18 and 40 can apply. Please try to apply for this scheme and share this information to others.

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