Pay the current bill as  installments

       For the common man in our state, I would like to tell you that there is a huge benefit.  In the time of covid-19, this is the biggest benefit for domestic beneficiaries on the part of KSEB. For people who have already made payments online, but not at the cash counter it has been decided to deduct the next bill up to Rs 50 .

         That is a biggest benefit that is going to come out now. In the time of this lockdown, many people have access to a much larger bill than even before. Fan, TV ,washing machine, AC, refrigerator everything worked a lot during this lock  down. So the current bill has come to many more than it already has. At a time when all of us are slowly coming to work with the withdrawal of the lockdown, KSEB giving us another benefit if we don’t have that money in our hands .

       Currently online payments  do not get these benefits . For those who are not do online payment, they have to pay half of the bill we now receive. The balance amount we have to pay as two installments. Similarly during lockdown our average current bill was coming.   Then there was lot of trouble. Then there was a people who have more current bill than usual. The KSEB has noticed a lot of such issues . KSEB has appointed an expert committee for this purpose . 

        Similarly there are many commercial and Industrial Enterprises, Private hospitals that have been in Crisis since covid-19. Such companies have the fixed  charge of the current bill from March to may in 25 percentage discounted . The reminder of the fixed charge in payable before December 15 2020 with no special interest

      Given that it has been charged by many, it will address the problem of the people who have increased the amount credit  the advance amount and deduct that amount next time.

 KSEB toll free number    1912

         Yo pay the current bill through official website of KSEB using debit cards. please share this information to others

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