Papaya is good for diabetic patients 

            papaya is a fruit bearing fruit for diabetic patients. Papaya have an ability to absorb fibre and control the bodies sugar content. Papaya increase the nitric oxide levels in the body. The nitric oxide helps to prevent blood transfusion from the blood and Outer cells. 

             The main problem in the diabetic patients are they have the deficiency of nitric oxide. When using the papaya paste the absence of nitric oxide was solved. 

                 Papaya contains the natural antioxidants. It is a great choice of diabetes. Diabetes are prone to many ailments including heart or nerve damage caused by irregular blood sugar levels. Being a diabetic should never stop you from eating fruits.  

                    Papaya provide 224% of recommended daily intake. one papaya has approximately 120 calories, 30 gram of carbohydrates,  5 gram of fibre, 18 gram of sugar. 

              Papaya is high in fibre and water content, it prevent constipation and promote healthy digestive tract. In type 2 diabetes who consume a diet high in fibre improved blood glucose,  insulin, lipid level. Eating a papaya daily can make up for occasional mistakes along with the fibre which helps improve digestive health.

              Papaya leaf juice can regulate the production of insulin, which in turn checks blood sugar levels. Its strong antioxidant also helps to being down the  kidney damage and fatty liver. Papaya seeds are edible.

                 But pregnant women should avoid  eating papaya, papaya seeds, roots,  leaves can harm the foetus.

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