OTP required for ration

        As far as  ration card holders are concerned,these are a few crucial days. There is now a situation where those who are going to buy groceries, need to have a mobile with ration card . Now we know that for a few days, there were a lot of ration shops that were supplied with registered in the register. At the Recommendation of the central government, the state government has now made a change. 

                          Prior to that time we applied for the ration card or at the time of renewal of the ration card, we would have given a phone number. That is the phone number that we currently get the exact amount of food items per month .

Try holding that phone in your hand . Currently when a beneficiary goes into the ration shop with a  ration card and record the ration card number on the Epos machine, the system sends the OTP to the phone. Just tell the merchant exactly what the OTP number that comes to the phone . At the time of the merchant records it, the portal is open for the beneficiary to receive the food items.

        Currently from now on, it will be the same mechanism . For AY card holders as well as BPL card holders, from Monday the phone with the ration card should be kept in hand.  The distribution that had been in the register for a few days had been in existence. There is still exist in our society who cannot go directly to the ration shop and issue cards to others. As for those that don’t have to worry. The state government has issued clear instructions. Such people ,without any difficulty, are registered in the usual manner with the arrivals and are permitted to distribute food to them. 

         Other peoples try to carry your phone number in hand ,which is linked to the ration card . And the Epos machine has all the facilities and the ability to use upto banking services . Therefor, replace the currently inactive phone numbers and give the new number . Similarly for those who have  not provided the phone number and for those who are not linked with the Aadhar Card it is possible to link Aadhar card and phone number. You can do the same with the Epos machine. 

       But in the present situation, there is a good rush in  the ration shops to get ration resources . So you don’t have to disturb the merchant right now.  After the current situation has changed, this can be done either through your ration shop or Akshaya Centre.

     From April 20th, until there is no further order from the state government,  there won’t be the biometric system (that is the food delivery system, after our fingers are placed on the Epos machine), will be the OTP system. Although the state government has already decided to distribute it through OTP system,  in many ration shops merchants have a lot of trouble.

    It is not for nothing, when the ordinary people come to buy things in the ration shop, even if OTP came to the phone, they already don’t know to take the messages  in the inbox . They handed it to the ration merchants,who were opening it and recorded it .As it turned out, the ration trade was a huge waste of time. When such a situation came up, the traders decided to give the food after registering  the register .

      The decision was made to distribute food grains even in the OTP system, as the  situation would be less transparent ones such a situation came up. For those who are going to buy a ration share, it is best to know to take a message in the inbox. Also consider sending such people in your family to buy rations . Then it will benefit  the traders as well as the people who stand to buy ration.

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