One Rupee Saving Scheme

          Today we want to say ,this is a way of making a small amount can make  a huge investments in 1 year . It was about saving a simple, but very effective. We invest everyday, the amount of that  day. And after a year later, we have a huge amount. You don’t have to go to the bank /other mutual fund/ stock to invest . Put a bottle at home and invest it and save it.Much better,when we invest in a compound style. It is a way we teach our children to show.

             If you start investing in 1 Rupee today,put each 2rupees tomorrow ,the 3rd day three,4th day four,10th day ten,100th day 100, Rs 365 on the 365 th day.

          If  you add up  the amount that day, it will be Rs  66795. This is the simplest method of saving. This is a simple easy method for daily earners. If  it is too difficult to put Rs 1.put Rs 10 on the first day, Rs 20 on the second day. So if you put it to the end, there will be Rs 667950. You have a tool to do this write 1 to 375 on a paper . When you invest each day, put a tick mark on each column. That year, can finally be 365 tick marks . Then we will have 66795 in our hands. 

       There is an another easy way to do this. It is a simple method. The first month can be a good interest  to do, because a small amount is enough. By second and third months, the problem will be arise. If so ,let me offe another option. 

     When you get  money


 If you get Rs 100, tick 20 ,30,40 columns in the paper. 

If you get Rs 50 ,tick  26 + 24 or 40 + 10 .

       If  you get more money ,tick more columns.

          It is a tool to save as much money as we can and to be effective save your currency/ Dollar/ Pound/ riyal ,if you are Abroad. I will tell you as alternative method of this .Do not need to do this for 365 days. Just do it for a month. Invest from Rs 1,Rs 2,….Rs 30 for 30 days . You get Rs 500 .This amount to invest in recurring deposit in post office /mutual fund . If the recurring deposit in 5 years, then the amount will get Rs  34854. For the same time, if you put 500 rupees in each month in a mutual fund, the current amount is Rs 40,000 after 5 years.

 Importance to note

  •  Take this as a  habit .
  • Never take the money, you need from that one

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