One India One Pension (OIOP)Rs 10,000 pension for all retirees 

           Today I would like to share with you about a pension scheme that is reaching out to the villages of Kerala. The OIOP aims to provide a monthly pension of up to Rs 10,000 to all those above 60 years of age. IOP (One India One Pension) is a people’s movement aimed at establishing income equality for all persons in a  country. 

       Nearly 10 percentage of the population of India are senior citizens. The main aim of the IOP is every senior citizens to get a pension of Rs 10000 per month. The main aim is to strive to minimise the inequalities in income and eliminate inequalities in status,  facilities. 

     There is equal salary for equal work  for both men and women. All senior citizens will be spending the amount in full for their daily needs and for their  care taken by others.OIOP is the long-standing demand of the Indian armed forces. This pension scheme covers the India population above 60 years it give Rs 10000 for all retirees. 

           Some senior officers are getting huge amount as  pension. But some poor people don’t get such benefits. The large amount of the pension goes into banks as deposits. Everybody gets same pension, it will be very useful to poor peoples. So Support this OIOP 

Now a days requested and submitted the documents. but still pending the approval. 

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