Onam kits containing 11 items for all ration card holders

           It has been several months since covid-19 began  to spread throughout our state. At the very beginning of the spread of covid-19 in our state,  our State Government and the central government had started distributing all the free rations. Similarly free kits were distributed.  That kit contained 17 items. About 88 lakh ration card holders are eligible for this benefit.

       All ration card holders received that kit. The items were worth about Rs 950 and  were included in it. There are complaints that the central and state governments are now offering benefits excluding APL card holders.  Everyone is in a very difficult situation in this time where covid is spreading. 

              A lot of people are losing their livelihoods. Various schemes have been announced as a free assistance of the state government for onam. This Onam kit will be available to all ration card holders. This Onam kit contains 11 items of groceries.

        It has been decided which items should be included in Onam kit.  BPL, AAY( yellow, pink) card holders have a free rice ration from the central government in addition to the food ration provided to them by the state government. BPL card holders will get 5 kg of rice and pulses from the central government.

            APL card holders can buy upto 10 kg of rice associated with Onam till August. BPL card holders will be charged Rs 15 per kg of rice. In addition to the food rations available to APL card holders in August, they will get 10 kg of rice special. Onam kit is distributed equally to all ration card holders. This kit  will be distributed by the end of august.

These are the various ingredients included in the Onam kit.

Sugar       – 1 kg

Mung Bean/kidney beans   – ½ kg

Jaggery   – 1 kg

Chilli powder  – 100 gram

Coriander powder   – 100 gram

Turmeric powder     – 100 gram

Sambar Powder     – 100gram

Coconut oil   – ½ litre


Sunflower oil   – 1liter

Pappadam   – 1cover

Semiya /palada   – 1 packet

Wheat crumbs   – 1 kg

Everyone gets this benefits so please share this information to others.

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