Onam  free kit distribution  started from August 5th 

         The chief minister had said at a press conference that kits would be distributed to all card holders on the occasion of Onam. It was announced that the kit  would be delivered by the end of August month. 

                 But that was changed and kit will be available to the general public in early August. You will get a kit containing various items worth around Rs 500. The kit includes the most useful ones.

                 Kit distribution may not be the same for all card holders. Kit distribution will be made to each card holder in different stages. You go and try to buy the kit according to the dates given to you. Such  distributions are determined in the time of this covid-19, as they are likely to be the busiest.

            There are priority categories  BPL and AAY card holders(yellow  and pink colour card holders). Their  kit distribution will be from the 5th to the 15th of August. August 15 is independence day,  the distribution will end on August 14 th. About 40 lakh card holders need to go for this opportunity and buy the kits.

        The kit will be distributed to blue card holders from August 16 to 20. There are about 25 lakh APL blue  card holders. The kit should be picked up from the parent ration shop itself. The opportunity to buy a kit for the white APL card holders will be from August 21 to 25. 

         There are about 25 lakh APL white card holders. Be sure to buy your kits within the allotted time. About 88lakh ration card holders will get this kit. It is overseen by the vigilance units led by supplyco. Be sure to  buy the kits as soon as we are allowed.

BPL, AAYcard holders   – August 5 to 14

APL Blue card holders    – August 16 to 20 

APL white card holders     – August 21 to 25

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