Now the driving learners test through online

                   Today  I would like to share with a significant change in the driving licence. The learners test for the licence will now be online. About four lakh people are taking the learners test online. The department of motor vehicles is currently in the process of finalising it.

            The learners test  is one of the most essential for driving licence. The learners test consists of 50 questions. These 50 questions must be answered within half an hour. There are a few things to keep in mind when applying. The application should be submitted through the parivahan dot gov dot in website 


  • Legal certificate of visual inspection.
  • Birth certificate 
  • Address proof 

Scan and upload this documents. We can select a suitable date for ourselves. If there are any mistakes in the application or documents we have submitted, an  SMS will come to the mobile. We will have the opportunity to re -edit it very easily .

            We have two options available on Parivahan site, link of Sarathi ,apply online and  application status .We can re-edit our application once more by using the application status option. There we can change the mistakes  and submit the application. The day before we choose to test,we will receive a username and password on our mobile phone. It is auto generated .

           This username and password should not be shared with anyone for any reason. Because it is your privacy. You will need this username and password to take the test online .you can join this test very safely using your mobile phone or computer.

          Total of 50 questions are asked for the learners test. Answer 30 questions and you will pass the test. The time to take this test is half an hour . Once we pass the learners test, we can download the learners licence from the motor vehicle department official sarathi  website.

      You can print this learners licence or store it as a mobile document. Exam guide for those who want to take this learners test, you can download it from the website of mvd dot gov dot in . Participants in the learners test , try to write the test  very carefully without seeking the help of others. Any irregularities are likely to make you are not eligible. please share this information to others.

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