No Stepney tyres in vehicles since October 

           Today I would like to share with you a new change in vehicles. Previously a stepney was kept in the vehicles. But there will no longer be stepney tyre  in vehicles. It will be replaced by puncture kits and electrical pumps. This new update is being brought by the union Ministry of surface transport. 

          The change will take effect in the month of october. Commonly tubeless tyres are used by all people. Therefore there is no need for Stepney. If the tubeless tyres are punctured, the puncture can be  repaired within 5 minutes. Puncture Kits and electric pumps are available in the market. 

        This is vehicle  manufacturers provided to vehicle owners. In the first phase,  it will be implemented in vehicles weighing less than 3, 500. Similarly back seat travel on two wheelers will be avoided. Instead, puncture  kits and electric pumps will be installed. It also has a system to detect low tyre pressure. When the air in the tire is low, the driver gets a signal.

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