News updates 23 may 2022- monkey pox,ration card,the name on the phone changes


       We can see six important things that the public needs to know from 2022 may 22.The first one is the most important thing that need to know the mobile users.we do not need cyber cell or true caller to know who is calling on our mobile phone.truecaller is used to identify who was calling .It is a global platform for verifying contacts.

       Cyber cell is a track solution towards combating cyber crime.cyber cell obtains call details records ,internet,address gives technical support over every cyber related matters.but the current announcement of telecom  is that when we call someone on our mobile phone, the name on our adhar card will. Be displayed. In the coming months,mobile calls will change this is very useful. 

         Monkeypox is one of the most dangerous diseases in the world after Corona is caused by monkeypox is a viral zoonotic disease that occurs in rainforest areas of west africa .it is exported to other regions. The signs and symptoms of monkeypox are fever,rash, swollen lymph is a self limited disease ,its symptoms lasting up to 2 to 4 may lead to complications.

      Monkey pox is transmitted to humans through close contact with infected animals,humans or materials. It is transmitted from one person to another by close contact with lesions,boxy fluids,droplets,bedding, etc.It resembles that of smallpox .it is less contagious than small pox.vaccines used during smallpox also provided protection against vaccines have been developed. An antiviral agent developed for smallpox also licensed for monkeypox.

         It has been found in rope squirrels, tree squirrels, rats,domice, etc.eating inadequately.It cooked meat,animal products of infected animals is risk factors. This infection can be divided into two parts.The invasion period lasts between 0 to 5 is characterized by headache,fever,swelling of lymph,myalgia, back pain, and lack of energy. The skin eruption begins within  1to 3 days.The rashes are more concentrated on the face and extremities. Clinical care provide to alleviate symptoms, manage complications. Provide nutritious food and fluids.raising awareness of risk factors. Currently monkeypox has been confirmed in 80 people in 11 countries. It is seen in Europe, west America, italy,sweden,Spain, Portugal, US,Canada,UK,Germany and France,west Africa. 

       This month’s ration distribution will end by the end of this month.Eligible persons Those in the priority category (Blue,white)  who want to change to the BPL category should now apply online. You can apply through the civil supply office website.Parasuram express will be partially serviced from tomorrow. Government decided to make low floor buses to school classroom.but now this decision backfired.They said that there are technical barriers. 

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