New updates for ATM transactions from july

         This is a very important information that I would like to share with you today. Today we are sharing with you about the changes that ATM transactions will take  from the 1st of July. Two new updates are coming on the ATM transaction. All people who make money transactions via ATM should take note of this.

 Bank charges 

          During this lockdown, one of the most important benefits that the central finance minister allowed us to do is to take away Bank charges. Similarly there is no minimum balance in the bank account. We have these two benefits. But it only lasted until June 30.

              Bank charges will be taken from customers who conduct unlimited bank transactions or ATM transactions from 1st July   A customer at SBI can conduct up to 8 ATM transactions in the City. 5 transactions can be done through SBI branch and 3 transactions can be done through other branches. Residents in the village can conduct up to 10 transactions a month.

       5 transactions can be done through SBI branch and the remaining five will be done through other branches. This is the limit. Rs 20 + GST will be charged if ATM for cash flow matters after this Limit. For things other than this limit ,Rs 8 + GST will be charged . This is the new bank charge you have .

   Minimum balance 

       One of the most important things to do with the update from the first date is that if there is no minimum balance, the bank will be charged. Many banks require different types of bank charges and minimum balance. A minimum balance of Rs 5000 is required in metro cities. Similarly in cities and villages , the minimum balance is upto Rs 3000 .

       For those living in metro cities ,they will be charged Rs 100 if they keep 75 percentage of the minimum balance in their bank. If you live in cities and villages, you will be charged of Rs 20 to 25 or Rs 50 . This is the charge that will start again in July. So please share this information to others.

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