New updates about aadhar card June 2022- How to link voters name  and aadhar card,How to get unique thandaper 


        UIDAI provided an easily verifiable 12 digit random number to all residents of India.It can be obtained voluntarily by the citizens of India .An adhar card can be used as proof of Identity, proof of address and proof of age.It is a versatile can use your adhar card to verify your income tax return. Adhar is a unique number. No resident people can have a duplicate number since it is linked to their individual biometrics. Adhar based identification will further enable governments to expand benefits. It is a universal number. Services can contact the central unique identification database from anywhere in the country to authenticate beneficiary identity.

     Adhar card is connected with fingerprints and iris scan of the card is used as a proof of identity and not of citizenship. They can prove to be quite helpful in increasing the efficiency of administration. They formulated a centralized system for India with recognized ID.It helps to reduce the use of birth certificates and ration cards.

     This card is commonly used in identification of citizens, giving them the terminal benefits of the government schemes.People can use it as an identity card.It can also link with bank accounts,insurance, pension, etc.It also eliminates fake and duplicates from beneficiary list.It eliminates frauds in the financial distribution system. People can use the aadhar card instead of multiple documents. 

     Adhar card allows avail of all government subsidies .Individuals who link the aadhar number to their LPG can avail the LPG subsidy directly in their bank can open a pradhan mantri Jan dhan yojana bank account with aadhar card.It offered repay card,free zero balance savings, life insurance and accident insurance. 

    You will get a passport in just 10 days.Government of India launched Digi locker system for everyone to store all personal documents. You can link aadhaar card with voter ID card.Once it is linked,it is impossible to have multiple voter ID cards.All the pensioners will now have to register their adhar card to receive a monthly pension. 

     Any individual can voluntarily apply for an aadhar ,as long as the requirements are met UIDAI will issue adhar card.You can view and download aadhar card from digilocker account. If the documents are not available, you can add your document from digilocker website. 

     You can check the details of aadhar card can book an appointment for aadhar card online.It is provided by a unique identification authority of should fill in name,email  ID,mobile number, district,state,enrollment center to book an appointment. 

      You can download the electronic version of aadhar is as valid as original adhar can download it by submitting your aadhar ID.The applicant must be an Indian  citizen. Every Indian citizen can apply for aadhar card.The government of India has made it mandatory for tax payers to link pan card with aadhar.NRI can apply for aadhar card .Adhar enrollment is available for minors.For apply aadhar for children, you have to submit proof of identity, address of parents.


  • Proof of address
  • Proof of Identity 
  • Proof of relationship, 
  • proof of date of birth 

How to apply for aadhar card

  • Visit nearest akshaya center
  • Fill the aadhar enrollment form
  • Provide photograph and biometric data
  • You will get an acknowledgement slip.It contains enrollment number 
  • You can check the status online .
  • Dispatch adhar card to the address.

How to check status

  • Visit UIDAI  website 
  • Click check on status option
  • Enter enrollment  number 
  • Enter security code you can use the status.

     Now UIDAI permits the aadhar card to be a PVC can apply for PVC aadhar card online. Normal fee is Rs 50.We can see new information about aadhar cards. Linking of aadhar number with individual voter ID card is an effective way to get rid of multiple voter ID cards.It can be done on national voter service portal.

How to link aadhaar card to voter ID

  • Visit the official  website of the National voter service portal.
  • Enter details such as personal details  such as name, date of birth, fathers name,district,state.
  • Click search button 
  • Click feed aadhar number option
  • You can see a pop up page. Fill your name the same as an adhar card. 
  • Enter aadhar card number, votervUD number, registered mobile number, email  address
  • Click on submit button
  • You can see a message that your application to link aadhaar with voter id Successfully.

    You should link aadhaar card with voter ID before  23 April will get a 6B form for this facility. You can submit aadhar number. Or you can submit, insurance card,driving  licence, or pan number. 

    To make land transactions more effective in Kerala, will link aadhar and land revenue details with a unique thandaper number. It helps to allow the authorities to identify total land in possession of a person  quickly. They issued  a gazette notification for linking aadhaar with land records with consent of the owners.

     A 13 digit thandaper number will be issued to the land owner. In the land registration  process,owners of multiple landholdings will be allotted a single thandaper. It is a unique thandaper system with aadhar link which will come into effect from May 16, helps to find ownership of land easily. It helps to ensure convenience and transparency in obtaining land details. 

      You can easily  link aadhaar card with thandaper through mobile phone. It is done using the same phone number. You will get an OTP.You can do this by linking at village offices.first scan the fingerprints using a biometric system. They will allot a unique  thandaper. 

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