Entrepreneurs are the important  part to be motivated, remuneration,and cultivated to the greatest degrees.They develop new business  ideas  that provide civilization  with a lot of services and products.  These ideas change the way we work  and live. They create new job opportunities, improve standards of living and improve the overall growth of the economy. Now wor,ers are worried about their jobs. But Entrepreneurs come as innovators taking the economy to a state of progress.

        A business man is an oriented, determined  individual to strive  and achieve  goals. They create jobs to promote social change.Their innovations may improve standards of living, create wealth with ventures, create jobs,and contribute to the growing economy.

        With rapid growth  of technology, many occupations  don’t exist anymore. They make changes and take measures to fill the gaps. They innovate and create new products. These new products or services need more employees in various fields of marketing, finance,operations, etcIt can be understood by the number of jobs that are created once Entrepreneurs launch new businesses. 

        They can start a business in completely new domains .It made tremendous progress.They launch a better product.Business organizations require highly skilled individuals.  The new business  ideas bring new and improved  products and services  to market, increase efficiency and profitability.

      Today we can see an Innovative profitable  business idea.we will get 40 % profit from this business  within three days. It is a variety  of products. It has 3 needles. One needle is used to clear ear wax. Then we will get a tweezer.we can pick the insects from  our ear. Next is a needle to take wax from the childrens ear. It has a LED light also. We can see the ear and take the wax easily with this tool. we can fix the needles to the product. These are removable needles and we can clean it. 

      It is a simple product. It is a Chinese product. It has no competition. It is not available  in our market. We can start this business  easily. We can buy bulk of this product  and sell it to supermarkets  and medical  shops.we should utilize our business  ideas knowledge. It is a good profitable business.  

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