New opinion of leading companies in giving a laptop for Rs 15,000

              Vidyasree is a project implemented by kudumbashree and KSFE. Kerala state financial enterprises has joined with kudumbasree and implement vidya sree scheme.The main purpose of this scheme is to avail laptops to ensure their online education. 

          During this time of covid 19,it is very useful to the children. From this scheme, we get a laptop costs Rs 15,000.This scheme is also called laptop micro chitty.We will have to be repay Rs 500 /month for 30 months.

       Earlier it was reported that we will get laptop,after 3 months of repayments.The government has started the process of providing a laptop for Rs 15,000.

            Leading laptop brands like Lenovo, aicer ,Dell informed IT mission that they could not afford a quality laptop for Rs 15,000. Instead of that they give a laptop below  15,000.IT mission didn’t give respond their opinion.

          After October 16,we  will be able to know it’s true position.This scheme will help about Rs 2.65 lakh students. The members who get this scheme will get Rs 14,250.The members who pay regularly will get concessions.

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