New KSEB announcement  for consumers


       Kseb has requested the authority  to increase the electricity charge by Rs 1/unit. It has increase in the fixed charges also. 19.8 % increase for domestic connections  and 21% increase for small scale industries,  13% increase for large scale industries. Totally there will be an increase 95 paise for domestic  consumers, Rs 1.52 for small scale and Rs 1.10 for large scale industries. KSEB will get 99 paisa per unit. 

         A special  concession  gets  for BPL card holders. The lowest rate for domestic  use is Rs 1.50 per unit. KSEB requested  to increase the lowest rate Rs 3.15 to Rs 3.50 for general  category  and maximum charge is Rs 7.90 to Rs 8.20.

        They appealed for a two fold increase in price for single phase connections  and more than two fold increase for three phase connections. If the consumer  has not used electricity, the fixed charge fee should be paid. They want to increase Rs 50 for small scale industries  and Rs 60 for large scale industries. 

       They plans to increase the electricity  price for domestic  and agriculture within 5 years and reduce the price for industrial  use.10 % electricity  charge may be increased. Those who have used up to  30 units per month, they will get free electricity. 

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