New housing loan scheme from kerala  gramin Bank


        Loan is lending money by individuals and organizations, etc.They incur debt and are liable to pay interest on that debt till it is repaid.The lender adds interest to the principal  value which the borrower repay to the principal  balance. Loans are secured,unsecured, commercial personal loans.A loan may be secured by collateral. When someone needs money,apply for a loan from banks, government, corporations, etc.

      Kerala Gramin bank provides  home loans. They offer loans for purchase,renovation, and construction  of a house, second house.NRI, Individuals having regular and sufficient  income can apply for this scheme, Age limit is less than 55 years.The residents will get 5 times of annual income and NRI will get 4 times of annual income. The margin is 20 % of total cost. 

         Mortgage of land and building constructed /to be constructed/to be purchased by bank.The value of property should be 125 % of loan limit. The tenure is up to 30 years.Repayment period is up to 18 months.

      We will get this loan within 3 days. We will get a housing loan,overdraft loan  from this bank. Housing loan is a secured  loan taken from a bank for the purpose of buying a house.These loans are availed from banks and non banking institutions these have various interest rates. Overdraft loans provided by banks allow customers to pay for bills,expenses when the account  reaches zero.

    Agricultural loans are also available  here. Agricultural  loans will get farmers, dairy owners,horticulturists.Farm ownership  loans will help you purchase  or enlarge  a farm. 

    We can see how to get a housing  loan from Kerala Gramin bank. 


  • Adharam
  • Adi adharam
  • Encumbrance certificate 
  • Certificate of ownership 
  • Location  sketch, certificate 
  • Estimate 
  • Tax certificate 
  • Housing  plan
  • Ration card
  • Photo
  • ID proof

You should have an account  in the grain bank. The interest rate is 8.6%.

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