New decisions that employment guarantee members need to know

         The message of the Employment Guarantee was to achieve the goal that everyone has the right to work. There are many people in our state who are availing the benefits of the Rural Employment Guarantee scheme. 

          As part of the Employment Guarantee scheme a family in a rural area get employment for 100 days a year with pay. This was a relief to many in the covid-19 lockdown situation as well. The daily wages in the Employment Guarantee is Rs  291. The tools will get an extra Rs 5.

           Now their money is reaching their bank accounts without arrears. Those who complete 100 days will get a bonus of RS 1,000 for Onam.It is very good benefit . This year Kerala has undertaken three times more construction work than last year.

Age limit

18 – 65 yrs

                     We have to apply to the Rural Employment Guarantee scheme department of the grama panchayat. They will issue the employment card very soon.It also pays to work on one’s own pharm.The validity of employment  card is 5 years.

       In the time of covit19 older people were excluded from the Employment Guarantee scheme.But again included the old people in to the employment scheme. People above  the age of 75 cannot be a part of this scheme.

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